TNMM July 2023 “Ask Uncle Russ” by Russ DeVan

Russ DeVan

Dear Uncle Russ:

I had a terrible shock the other day when a prospect of mine did some research on our product formulator and found out that in 2004 he had “settled” in a class action lawsuit against a company he was working for and had been accused of making false/unsubstantiated health claims about a weight loss product! They asked me if I knew about this and I didn’t know what to say! How would you respond to this?

“Rattled” ____ Minneapolis, MN

Dear “Rattled,”

I’d say: “Yes.”

Dear Uncle Russ:

I’m mixed up. I’m 32 and my parents, now in their early seventies, have been very successful in Network Marketing with an old and well-established company. I’m interested in MLM, but not doing it their way. The trend I keep seeing on social media seems to be to use online marketing and stack the numbers game in your favor. What say you?

“Son of a Boomer” ___ Ft. Worth TX

Dear “Son,”

Although time and technology have altered and impacted our profession considerably in the last four decades several basic truths, at least in my opinion, have stayed the same. This is a relationship business. A handful of people actively building beats hundreds or thousands of zeros. Getting more people in faster may create the “illusion” of success; but if they are going out the back door as fast as they are coming in the front door, you could find yourself constantly rebuilding, Here’s my feedback: Interview your parents. Ask them what they felt worked about how they approached the business and what, if anything did not. What would they do now, if they were building all over again? Listen for the “gold” in what they share. Then add that to your own creative processes, create a vision, and go for it. A word of caution: This business model is and always has been full of illusion, smoke, and mirrors. Take it all with a grain of salt and go at it with innovation and courage in your conviction and you can’t miss.

Dear Uncle Russ:

My next-door neighbor says that all Network Marketing businesses are illegal pyramids and scams that have found a “loophole” in the system or the FTC would shut them all down! I feel discouraged and dejected. What do you say? 

Sean Callahan  ____ Davenport, Iowa

Dear Sean:

Have you ever heard the old Frank Sinatra classic: “That’s Life?” There’s a verse that says: “…Some people get their kicks, steppin’ on dreams…” 

I would recommend to you this empowering thought and question about your “next-door neighbor.” It was offered to me 43 years ago by a man who mentors me still to this day. He said: “If your neighbor’s so damn smart and knows so much; How come he’s living next door to YOU?!”

Love and Best,

Uncle Russ

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Russ DeVan
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