TNMM March 2023 “Ask Uncle Russ” by Russ DeVan

Russ DeVan

“How much money are YOU making?”

 Ready to Slap Somebody __ Bay Area, CA

Dear “Ready:”

This question makes my “Tacky Hall of Fame!” Can you imagine sharing a new job or promotion with someone and getting this response? Now I suppose it’s possible that they might be gauging their own chances of success based on how well you are doing…but I kinda doubt it. More likely it is designed to have you admit you haven’t gotten rich yet, and they’ll restrain their interest until you can prove you have. Although I haven’t been asked this for some time, here’s how I would respond:

Well actually, I’ve just started my company and I have a 12-month project to earn $100, 000 a year, AND I’m on track to be there by January 1, 2024. What’s YOUR plan to earn an extra hundred thousand dollars a year? Seriously? You don’t have one? Would you like to see mine?

I read somewhere that “98%” of people in Network Marketing don’t even average minimum wage. 

How come?

“Dubious in The Big Apple” ____ Ny, NY

Dear “Dubious:”

In the immortal words of Hans Solo: “Don’t ever tell me the odds!” I don’t know where or what the source is of that statistic, but it may very well be right. According to the DSA – Direct Selling Association several years ago Network Marketing globally grossed about $200 Billion.

Pretty good. Bigger than the NFL, for instance. However, it also said that there was appx. 100,000,000 distributors doing it. This averages out to the average distributor GROSSING, not earning, only $160 in sales a month. At the same time, I have earned, met, and trained hundreds, even thousands, of self-made millionaires in this business model over the last 42 years. That being said, I can offer only conjecture about your question. I believe many fail because they think that success is a matter of luck or a lottery. They are unwilling to be responsible for their own success and would rather place that responsibility on a company or a product or even their sponsor. They lack the tenacity and persistence necessary to see what works and what doesn’t. They look for motivation outside of themselves rather than from within.

Insurance and Real Estate are among the highest-paid sales professions of all. I would wager that their attrition rivals or perhaps exceeds that of MLM. All I know is that with drive, vision, commitment, a product that the consumer loves, and a thirst to serve others. the return on effort in this business model, at least in my opinion and experience, is second to none.

What do you do with family members that aren’t interested in your products OR the opportunity?

 ” Credibility Blues” ____Birmingham , Alabama

Dear “Credibility:”

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Russ DeVan
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