TNMM November 2022 “Ask Uncle Russ” by Russ DeVan

Russ DeVan

Dear Uncle Russ:

Why would anyone do network marketing when they could just find a product to sell and not have to deal with all the work involved in growing a team? Skeptical But Curious – Upstate New York

Dear “Skeptical:”

I can think of several reasons off the top of my head that would include: the cost of promotion; dependability, efficacy, and availability of a product, but the one that jumps out in front of them all is leverage…of effort.

No matter how good “you” are at selling or anything else for that matter, you are an “army of one,” limited to your own efforts and restricted by the limitations of time.

The famous industrialist J.P. Getty has been quoted, ad nauseam, for supposedly saying “I would rather be paid on 1% of 100 men’s efforts than on 100% of my own.” For more than three decades I have been teaching a principle in Network Marketing that I call a “duplicatable effort.”

This consists of a nominal effort that literally anyone could easily do, even if they had what most consider non-negotiable “other commitments” such as a job, family, worship, exercise, rest, etc.

Each month one commits to being responsible for a minimum of $300 in sales effort by combining the actions of promoting/selling, consuming, and enrolling new people. By itself, a $300 or more sales effort doesn’t “float anybody’s boat.” However, if one simply thinks in terms of “leverage” and most would agree that no one committed to building an income would see the “DE” as an unreasonable action, the math becomes relatively simple. Do it.

Teach them to do it. Teach to teach, to do it. Geometric progression takes care of the rest. Although, easily promoting, enrolling, and consuming $300 or “points” of the product will not, by itself “set you free,” building a team of five or more, who build a team of five or more, who build a team of five, who build a team of…etc…. will.

What if in the next 18 months I could show you how to build an organization of 1000 or more who were all committed to a $300 duplicatable effort, and your compensation plan allowed for an average of a 5% “override” on those efforts? What would that look like?

It would look like 15 “large” a month…that’s what!

OR… you could go sell $300,000 worth of products by yourself each month.

Is MLM a great business model or what?


Dear Uncle Russ:

How do I respond to the question: “You just got into this business a month ago, how can you make product recommendations?”

Billy the Kid – Austin, TX

Dear “Billy:”

Many people will be thinking this, even if they don’t speak it. This is a perfect example of “listening to what they are not saying.” The implication of this question, designed to throw you off balance, is to infer that you are “new” and operating on what you’ve been told or read about the product, and couldn’t possibly be an authority in such a short period of time.

Little do they know, heh, heh, that you have USED the product or products yourself and had results beyond your wildest expectations! Results are so dramatic, in fact, that you would recommend your experience to anyone, even without being compensated for it, strictly on the strength of its own merit.

The courage of conviction that occurs from an emotional/physical result of a product experience, in my opinion, is the strongest sales tool one can have in their arsenal.

For one, unlike data or other written or recorded material, it is irrefutable. Further, it is logical that after such a dramatic product result, an “entrepreneur” may ponder the market for such a product or “line” of products and want to build a business around them.

See where I’m goin’ here? I recommend the following strategy to anyone considering a Network Marketing business opportunity:

Explore and try the product line.

Find a product or products you absolutely fall in love with.

Have your story ready… IF someone is open to or interested in hearing it. Build a business around your story.

Have a blast.


Dear Uncle Russ:

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Russ DeVan
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