TNMM November 2023 “Ask Uncle Russ” by Russ DeVan

Russ DeVan

Dear Uncle Russ:

Is it okay to be in more than one network marketing opportunity at the same time?

 Identity Crisis ___ Harrisburg, PA

Dear “Identity Crisis”:

There’s an old joke that goes: “What a man needs in a wife is a great cook and homemaker; a wonderful mother; a friend he can confide in; and a fantastic lover but under NO circumstances should these four people ever meet.”

 I have held the opinion for some time that Companies who rely on Network Marketing for their distribution model are “suppliers” of a product and opportunity that allows “Independent” representatives to have limited marketing rights, within agreed-upon policies and procedures, to their product line and their Brand and merchandising materials.

But in reality, it seems quite often that both distributors and companies operate under a completely different paradigm.

Companies expect that their distributors will be “faithful” to the products they provide and will not be wooed by other opportunities promising more or easier income, and to think otherwise…or worse, to have others including their organization but particularly cause distributors OUTSIDE of their organization to, may be grounds for termination and even LEGAL action.

Some distributors think; “Hey…I chose this company, they didn’t choose me and as long as I operate within the guidelines of the policies and procedures I agreed to, I should be free to build the business or businesses, any way I choose.

So here’s the deal, “Identity.” Don’t lean too hard either way. Be responsible in your business alliances. Don’t use words or phrases like “I’m with…” or I’m Involved with…” Read and understand the policies and procedures. Get permission to use Logos or names in your advertising. Do NOT make income or health claims, NO company can provide you with Success and that’s not their job. If you diversify, do NOT recruit from the Company’s distributor pool.

Your LOYALTY first and foremost, in my opinion, belongs to the people and personal organization

you serve, FIRST; NOT to a company, its products, or its compensation plan.

Dear Uncle Russ,

How does one discern whether a company is a legitimate MLM, or an illegal pyramid posing as one?

JRD _____Aberdeen, SD

Dear JRD:

There are a few simple hard and fast rules. Does the company have a product or a service that has value to a customer or consumer who is NOT a distributor? Yes? Legit. Does the company pay people to “recruit” distributors to sell the product without them buying or pay a fee to a distributor without a product being sold? Yes? Illegal Pyramid. When there is value in a product or service being exchanged for money, chances are you are fine. When the only value is to recruit someone and money is being exchanged or paid for recruiting them, and they receive nothing but the same opportunity you have….? Run.

Dear Uncle Russ,

Do you think it is a productive use of time, to focus on practice listening, connecting, and building relationships, every month, when there may be few sales or enrollees to show for it?

Dr. W.J._____ NY. NY

Dear “Doctor:”

I would ask what is your intended result and how do you measure “productivity.” Listening, connecting, and building relationships are the lifeblood of network marketing AND duplication.

If you sell or teach others to, do successfully, you may have something to show in the short run. But over time helping others to remember to be themselves and giving people compelling and irresistible choices, will go past the strained efforts of a few, and create VOLUME, which is KING when it comes to long-term residual income.

Love, Uncle Russ….

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Russ DeVan
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