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Hi, my name is George Madiou. What would your business look like if you had access to the knowledge and wisdom of more than 200 of the top Network Marketers in the world, at your fingertips, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, starting today?

My first network marketing experience was great. I loved the concept of the MLM model. However, there was something about his model that shocked and disturbed meI did not understand why only 3% of all Network Marketers earned significant money. I could not wrap my brain around why so many people quit within 90 days of starting a MLM based business. Most people don’t give up on a brick and mortar business that fast, why was MLM any different? I became frustrated with the overwhelming lack of success and incredible turnover that stained the MLM model. I set my mind on creating a solution to these problems so more people could enjoy the success, that in all honesty, isn’t near as hard to attain as many people think it is.

I made it my mission to connect with, interview and shine a light on hundreds of best Network Marketers in the world! The goal was to provide a “guiding light” for networkers who wanted to learn and implement the secrets of Network Marketing and create financial freedom!

I have invested the last 17 years, of my life, compiling the BEST Network Marketing training available online today. In fact, many of the top Networkers I know refer to me as the “Larry King” of MLM. Today, you can have UNLIMITED access to every SECRET and STRATEGY gathered and leverage that information to build an organization unlike you’ve ever built before. Even if you’re a seasoned veteran you’ll find the information contained within The Network Marketing Magazine an EXTRAORDINARY value!

We’re here to support those who are willing to learn and do the work to make it happen.

You Are About To UNLOCK 17 Years Of Network Marketing Know-How, SECRETS And Strategies From More Than 200 Of The Most Successful People In Network Marketing History!

Discover the Secrets Revealed in the Top 6 Most Requested Categories Over the Past 16 years!

Imagine what it would be like to have Denis Waitley, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, John Hackett, Zig Ziglar or one of the other 200 plus leaders in the world of Network Marketing, providing you with knowledge, information and advice about building your MLM based business? This is what The Network Marketing Magazine provides for you! 


In the last 60 Days, I feel like I am finally connected to solid foundational training in network marketing especially around the basics of conversations, relationship nurturing and marketing. I connect equally with Stacey Hall and Russ Devan. I appreciate them both for the value they bring. I want to highlight Russ. He speaks simply, calmly, with authority and knowledgeably. He keeps things simple. And from reading his articles and applying the concepts he writes about.

I have more confidence in my conversations with new recruits and customers. In the August Issue what stood out for me the message. Learn to Listen; Listen to Learn. Just a simple reminder that when I listen I learn where people are their concerns and the things they celebrate. What really resonates with me about the magazine is that the goal is to be a training resource for the orphans in the industry and at the same time to restore the reputation as a credible profession for people to consider as a business option.

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