TNMM Sep 2023 “Ask Uncle Russ” by Russ DeVan

Russ DeVan

Dear Uncle Russ:

“One of my biggest frustrations happens when I am talking to someone I think may be an excellent prospect for my business and they say: ‘I don’t know anyone.’ How would YOU respond to this?”

Iris B.    Athens, Greece

Dear Iris:

My first recommendation is to not be upset or frustrated by this very common response. Intellectually we immediately realize that this is not true, but obviously, it won’t serve us, or them, to point out its absurdity. I begin by hearing ANY kind of resistance as a “concern.” If you get interested in the concern, rather than try to explain it away or overcome it, you will immediately relax the person you are speaking to.

Another possible practice is what I call listening to what they are NOT saying. “I don’t know anybody” may just be a deflection that they don’t like selling or having conversations with people. So a response such as “What do you mean>” or “Please say more about that.” Again, addresses, non-invasively, what they are hiding which could be critical to know to establish the connection or relationship you want.

Finally, an excellent response might be; “Do you have a concern that you need to know a lot or a certain kind of people, in order to  build a business like this?” 

In the end it all boils down to not “reacting” or panicking, but rather asking yourself: What is the concern, here? or What are they “not” saying?

Dear Uncle Russ:

“How many people do I have to enroll to build a successful network?”

Playing The Numbers    – Dublin, Ireland

Dear “Numbers”:

ALL of them! The operative word here is “enroll.” For some time an illusion of network marketing has been that “the more you recruit, i.e.: sign up – the bigger the organization, and thus, the more money you earn (success.)”

It is common today to see online stories of adding hundreds or even thousands to a “team” without “actively prospecting a single one.” Sorry, I’m throwing the “foul flag” here. I say,the difference between recruiting (signing up) v. enrolling is VAST, indeed. 

Lots and lots of people “sign up” for things every day. Many are persuaded (heavily) to do so. That’s why people HATE recruiting, in my opinion, because it feels like dragging kicking and screaming, or worse: “begging.” But when someone enrolls or is enrolled it is THEIR idea, NOT the prospector’s. So they are more likely to “stick.” So I believe it is quality not quantity that breeds long-term success. Does it take more effort? Undoubtedly. Is it worth it? YES!! ‘ I’d put my eight “enrolled”  in terms of what they’ll produce and duplicate over a hundred “sign-ups” any day. So can you play the numbers game and eventually the law of averages will produce some good activity? Yes. Will they go out the back door as fast as they came in the front (attrition?)  Probably.

I believe in “stacking” the odds in my favor; building a “dream team” and teaching them to do and teach the same.

Dear Uncle Russ:

“How do you know if a Network Marketing Company will last?”

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Russ DeVan
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