To Tackle or To Coach by Cindy Hannon

Are you a people person? Are you in a business of helping others? Do you want to be successful? Well, it is quite likely that if you are reading this article, at least the last two answers would have to be yes, and if not the first one, you can make that yes as well.

If you want to be successful in Network Marketing, you have to help others reach their own success.

Sometimes that takes a lot of work, you, the leader, the coach will need to get their thinking in line with doing the things necessary for their success.

You have to coach your team members because if you don’t, success will be hard to come by, for you and for them. Tackling, in this business, just is not effective; it is hard and knocks people out. You want them to stick with it, long term.

We have all been there, sitting with the person that just expects to be successful; after all, they have aligned themselves with the program you are in, and, with you.

Actually, they assume you will do a lot of their work for them; hence coaching comes in to play. You need to get them to see that it is up to them to succeed in their business, it is not up to you to do the work for them. It is up to you to see that they know what to do, though. It is your job to help them realize they can do this; they can succeed in their business.

If you are going to effectively coach anyone, you need to be sure to know their “WHY”, the reason they will go the extra mile, there will be times for you to remind them why they began. Your coaching will involve uncovering the picture they saw at the beginning when things start to cloud over it. Make sure they have their goals set and on paper so they know to pull it out and read it when necessary.

This needs to be a gentle persuasion, a guiding, even though some will try to succeed by being hard and tackling. I am sure you have heard the old saying you can achieve more with honey than with vinegar. None of us wants to spend our time with someone who is uncoachable; but the solution is not to tell him or her they are waste of your time, but to get him or her to see the need for working through the proven pathway to success. You want to coach them, to gently lead and guide them on a path to their success, in a way that they can see you in action and will want to do what you are doing.

Are you challenged at encouraging them to treat their business as a business? Have them track their activities, in a planner or somewhere in writing. They will be able to see where their time is going. You may not have to be too hard on them when they see for themselves the need to spend more time on business. You may need to help them see the need to treat it as a business and point out they may be spending more time on their hobbies! Remind them of the reason they began their business and by investing the time now, they will reap rewards later.

That is your job as their coach, not to do the work for them, but to find ways to cheer them on!

How are your team member’s skills? Do you need to spend more time with some individuals, helping them to develop healthy habits? Do they need to learn how to skillfully speak to someone in a way to interest them in what you both have to offer?

Maybe they need to see you in action. Your coaching may require you to spend a morning or afternoon out and about together, making contacts and talking to new people. Or, maybe they need to hear you on the phone talking to their lead rather than you just expecting them to make the calls. When they see you in action, talking to that waitress or cashier, when they hear you on that call, you are actually coaching them in their skills through what you do with them. People do what you do more than what you tell them to do. They will do it more effectively if they see how it is done, not because they are told how to do it.

No matter how many are on your team now, you still have to see yourself as the leader, as the coach. As you do this, you look for ways to help them and you will be teaching them also to be a leader, a coach. You should know who in your team would be most likely to take what you teach through your coaching and pass it along to others. You can be most effective, working with and coaching those who will duplicate your efforts. Share your expertise, your coaching, with a few members of your team. Teach them in a way they can learn how to do it themselves and repeat what you do with other team members. Spread your knowledge through coaching, and teaching duplication.

Teach through doing; success breeds success. You are the leader of your team, no matter who else has charted the course before you, now, it’s up to you to coach your team, so they can succeed.

When they see success, one step at a time, it adds up and it helps you. Because you have helped them, they will inevitably help you. You are in a people business.

If you are not a people person yet, you will be as you pour your heart into your team and watch them achieve success, one step at a time. If you are a people person, people will naturally want to listen to you. If you are not, open up your mind; open up your heart to see how you can help those in your path. You are in a business of helping others, that is what network marketing is all about. Helping one another achieve more in this life, to improve their lives, not just through finances, you also are in the position to improve their development as a person and as team players.

If you want to be successful, see yourself as a positive influence in the lives of others. Coach them, teach them, and encourage them. Think about these ten 2 letter words in your life and in your business and move in them.

If it is to be it is up to me.”

You can do this, you can coach your team one member at a time, give them the wings to take off and do the same. Go for it!

  To Tackle or To Coach by Cindy Hannon


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