To Be Consistent, Give Up Giving Up by Dana Gore

Dana GoreI changed my mind. Then I changed my habits and much like magic, my reality has been improving ever since! One habit I was always consistent about in the past was BEING INCONSISTENT! I would get an idea, feel all excited about it and give it a whirl… and then give up. I don’t know if it was boredom or simply a matter of not understanding the usefulness of perseverance. All I know is that I was exceptional at the art of giving up. As time went on, I found myself increasingly frustrated with my life. I was in a career that I had no passion for. I couldn’t keep my weight stable and I was convinced that I had no purpose at all. It was a rough way to exist. Eventually I came across the opportunity to change career paths and venture into the field of health and fitness and things seemed a bit brighter. The only downfall was that it was going to take some time. This was challenging for me given my history of quitting almost everything I initiated. NULL

The difference this time was that the pain of my reality was FINALLY worse than the fear of being persistent.

The education required for me to become a personal trainer was demanding. I hadn’t been a student in over a decade and a half and I was used to spending my evenings in front of the television, not in a classroom. I had no idea whether or not I would stick this out. I only knew that I had to give it a shot. Maybe, just maybe this time would be different.

Maybe I would DECIDE that I wanted the prize at the end of this ordeal badly enough to endure the growing pains involved in the process of obtaining this education. The only way to get there was to change my habits and that was pretty scary.

It’s easy to spend time in front of the television. It requires zero work and the more you do it the easier it becomes. Now learning Kinesiology is HARD! I didn’t study much in high school and I barely picked up a book for my previous career’s licensing requirements, so what made me think that this time would be any different? Well, my husband took the classes with me, so having this study buddy in my life helped immensely. This just goes to show that when the will is there, the help shows up. Combine this with the fact that I stepped out of my own way long enough to allow myself to become accustomed to my new habit of studying for hours on end and working three jobs while attending night classes and before I knew it, I was walking across the stage as a graduate… something I never thought I would experience again in my life. So how does this relate to network marketing? Well, to become successful in this business, it takes being consistent. There will be plenty of challenges because when we want something badly enough, it requires us to change. To change, we must acquire new habits. To maintain these new habits, we must not only endure the rough times through repetition, but we need to visualize the reward while finding joy in the process. Network Marketing has the uncanny ability to yank who we really are out from our subconscious and reveal it to ourselves. To succeed in a business that will, with consistent work and effort pay us an ongoing income as an asset, we must be willing to learn new traits, open our minds and deal with issues within ourselves that will come to the surface for us to heal and build strength from.

The only strategy that enables this to work is to form new habits involving activities and surroundings that promote self-improvement and empowerment and do this repetitively, especially when we don’t feel like it.

If I can transform from a binge-eating, sofa-loving, career-loathing quitter into an active certified and qualified fitness professional who is in the midst of making her dreams of being a published author come true, anyone can. I changed my mind. Then I changed my habits and much like magic, my reality has been improving ever since!


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