To Coach or Not to Coach by Jillian Middleton

Jillian MiddletonRather than worrying about results you have no control over (like someone saying yes or no), your coach will help you put your energy and time into enjoying what you do and upping your game. Network marketing is nothing if it isn’t a conundrum. You hear from the stage that anyone can build a business. You hear that if you know your ‘why’, if you’re focused, you go to work and are disciplined you can be successful at network marketing. Is it true? Yes and no… I meet people who are focused and know exactly why they want to build a network marketing business. They work really hard, often too many hours. But somehow the work they put in doesn’t seem to be reflected in their paycheck. What you hear from the front of the room or from stage at a company event, is NOT a lie. But what you hear isn’t really the truth either. Like in any business, the success formula is so much bigger than simply buckling down and going to work. NULL

If knowing what was driving you (your why) and elbow grease (hard work) were truly all it took to build a successful network marketing business, there would be many more success stories. Many. More. Success. Stories.

The Not So Hidden Story The writing is on the wall for anyone who stands back for a minute and takes a good look at what’s available to network marketers. You see people walk across the stage at your company events who are making obscene amounts of money. In every solid network marketing company, there are people making each month what they previously made in a year, some exceeding their annual income every month. That should tell you there is something more than passion and hard work at play. There is also smart work. Network marketing levels the business playing field. Your age, gender, race, ethnicity, size, shape or religion simply do not matter in network marketing. That said, we do not all come to the field equal. A few of us have lots of business experience, internal fortitude, vision, a ‘can do’ attitude and courage. A few more of us have a limited combination of these skills and personal growth. And most of us have a smidgeon of some of these, none of some and a healthy dollop of others. Here’s the Problem: although network marketing is fairly simple and straight forward in its approach: Introduce people to your business opportunity and products. It turns out that for an awful lot of people, that is one tough thing to do. It Seems Simple Enough You’re told: Make a list and ‘introduce the opportunity.’ Did the script you got start something like this,“Hey John, if I could show you….?” That seems pretty simple. So they say. But how about you? How did you feel when it was time to pick up the phone and make that first call, or second or third? What voices did you hear in your head? What did the ‘other’ you (or all the competing voices in your head) chime in with to slow or stop your progress?

The struggle is not with network marketing. The struggle is, like in most things, with our ‘self.’ Or in many cases ‘our selves.’ This is where a good coach comes in.

A good coach:

  • Can help you to direct the voices and channel that energy into positive action
  • Will help you hone your vision to the point that discipline isn’t the issue. You will be compelled to go to work
  • Will teach you great ways to efficiently strategize each call prior to dialing
  • Will help you edit scripts so they sound like you and you are comfortable, so you come across confident and in control
  • Will teach you great ways to do a ‘post call’ check-in with yourself to determine what you did really well so you can do more of it – thereby getting better results
  • Can and will teach you how to avoid the inevitable pitfalls (how do you train to get duplication?) find your strong suits and expand them and help you outgrow your short suits and problems

I play golf. That’s an overstatement actually, but I do attempt to hit the white ball and chase after it in the effort to get it into that silly damn cup on the green. In talking with my coach who has done wonders for my drive as well as my short game, I was surprised to hear he ran into some of the same issues that Amy Posner and I run into with the network marketers we coach. People say to him, “Oh, I’m not good enough to take a lesson.” If you think about that for a minute, you realize that statement is in itself a rather crazy notion. Learning, right at the beginning, the fundamentals of grip, stance and alignment to the ball, will make all the difference to your game. Simple Fundamentals The same can be said for network marketing. Simple fundamentals necessary to write and deliver your prospecting script will make not only the delivery easier but also give you a feeling of being prepared. Here’s the deal. If you feel good about your script and are well prepared to deliver it, you are competent. What do people think when you call? They think you pretty much have your act together. What’s more, they perceive you as confident. By the way, that’s when you feel confident. When you get that others think you’re competent. And, who do you want to work with? The same person everyone wants to work with. The person who’s competent, together and excited about life and full of possibility. You CAN be that person. A good coach:

  • Gives you solid tools that you can use in your everyday life as well as your business
  • Helps you to dig inside and find the answers you already posses but haven’t accessed yet
  • Helps you stop focusing on what isn’t working and what scares you and gives you tools to control your thinking, expand your business and put the fun back into working

Just for the record, if you think you’ll have more fun when you’re better at recruiting and training, you are wrong. Here’s the real order… Fun Breeds Success Have more fun and you’ll get better – much better – at recruiting and training.

A good coach will help you take control over what you can control. YOU.

A good coach will open up ways to enjoy going to work. A good coach encourages you to be curious about you (yes, you) and learn and then learn more about yourself. Rather than worrying about results you have no control over (like someone saying yes or no), your coach will help you put your energy and time into enjoying what you do and upping your game. Then the results take care of themselves. But I’m Seasoned and Already Successful So is Tiger Woods. But he understands the importance of having someone ‘on the ground’ for feedback and centering. It doesn’t matter what our level of competence, if you are working alone, it’s like you are playing handball against yourself. Not much feedback there. Should you have a coach? Yes, if you want a real game changer and you want true success and you want it sooner rather than later. Jillian Middleton


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