Tools: The Penalty We Pay For Not Having Skills by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

TomSchreiterSo guess which set of skills we should learn first? Networkers are always looking for the perfect tool. Maybe it is that awesome DVD, the magazine with the glowing review of the company, or the special website to send prospects to. And all these tools cost money. Every month networkers buy more and more tools because they are dependent upon the tools. If the networker stops buying tools, then his world stops.

So other than a money-draining addiction, what is wrong with tools? Prospects don’t read them. They skim over all the carefully written, glowing facts. Hey, you’re probably skimming over this article right now.

It’s the Internet influence. Too much information. We skim. Not enough time to get to all the information presented to us. NULL

What about that DVD? Do you think your prospects really want to turn off their favorite television show and watch your company commercial? And how about sending people to the Internet to look at your special web page? How soon do you get distracted on the Internet? We are all off to another link, back to instant messaging, checking our email, surfing… sending someone to the Internet is sending them off to a world of distraction.

The bad news is that tools are barely effective, seldom reviewed, and are the penalty we pay for not having the skills needed to talk to prospects.

The news gets worse. If the tool strikes an occasional interest in a prospect, the distributor still has to talk to the prospect and say something 🙂 Now, if the distributor is brand new, has not learned how to talk to prospects, tools may be the only option. The distributor will pay, pay, and continue to pay for tools until he learns the skills on how to talk to prospects. So if you are addicted to tools now, stop the low level of productivity, stop the cost, and learn how to talk to prospects effectively. Your message can now be a two-way communication with power and meaning. Step #1 skills are all about learning how to talk to prospects – commercially. Social talk is for amateurs and beginners. Step #2 skills are all about finding people to talk to. These skills are much simpler as there are hundreds of unique ways of locating prospects who are willing to come to you.

So guess which set of skills we should learn first. Step #1 skills, of course.

Because even if we locate a prospect to talk to, we still have to talk to them.


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