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paul morrisTOOLS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE Take three people and ask them to dig a hole in their back yard 12 feet wide by 30 feet long and 7 feet deep. Tell them when the hole is dug to call you and you will send in the work crew to build a swimming pool. One person calls you the next day and says the hole is dug and you can send the swimming pool crew over. The second person calls a week later and says send in the swimming pool crew and the third person calls one month later to tell you the hole is ready. What was the difference between the person who called back in one day and the others who called back in a week and in a month? Very simple; the person who called back in one day had rented a back hoe which lifted the dirt out by the cubic yard. The one who called back in a week invited five friends to help him out and gave each one a shovel and said start digging. The one who called back in one month used a shovel and did it all by himself. And now for the moral to the story: NULL

The only difference was in the TOOLS each person used.

Each person was an individual human being with similar IQ and talent to the others; however the one who used the back hoe got the job done in one day. Now let’s examine the difference between the 2nd and 3rd person and why it took one three weeks longer for the third person if they both were using the common shovel. Ah ha, the second person used the same tool as the third person, but used MORE OF THE SAME TOOL and enlisted the help of his friends. Another lesson here is that it is easier to get the job done if you do it with a team. So we begin to see that TOOLS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. This explains the difference between the progress of countries in their agricultural development. Where they are tiling the soil by hand with hoes and rakes, they grow enough to feed themselves. Where they have horse drawn plows they grow enough to feed their village, and where they used gasoline powered tractors they grow enough to feed the world. Again, the primary difference is THE TOOLS THEY USE. One great TOOL is a MENTOR who can teach you the knowledge of the “HOW TO and WHY TO” in building a Network Marketing business. But mentor’s who are willing to help you are difficult to find.

However one GREAT TOOL can bring you the knowledge, education and information you need and supply you with 200 mentors. This powerful tool is none other than the Network Marketing Magazine that contains the training, motivation and education of 200 of the greatest minds in the Network Marketing Industry.

My hats off to George Madiou for creating this powerful tool for all of us to use. Great projects such as this do not just happen, it takes people who “MAKE IT HAPPEN”. George Madiou is one such person. His relentless efforts, tireless long hours and charming ways have enlisted the talents of some of the best trainers, teachers and motivators in the world as contributing authors for the Network Marketing Magazine. Congratulations George and all of your “behind the scenes” team that has made this happen.


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