Top 3 Things To Give Your Existing Clients Or Customers In These Uncertain Times by David Dunworth

While Great Value may be the most important thing to offer your customers or clients, there are two other elements that coincide with GV. 

The past couple of months the world is at a standstill, and no one knows exactly what the economy, employment situation, education of our children, government, social systems, even business sustainability will do.

Today’s client or customer is in a precarious situation, just like you. They’re looking at every decision with new-found seriousness. How much things cost against the value they bring is just one of the thoughts and actions present. The uncertainty of whether the product or service they acquire from you is even a Bonafide need (in reality, most needs are wants).

Some may have lost their job or are limited in how much work they have until things return to some type of normal. Even if employers are paying them some sort of government-sponsored wage replacement, the pressure is still on them because of the lack of confidence in the government to fulfill its promises.

People are stressed, nervous, anxious, and downright scared of future unknowns. What’s a person to do? As a matter of fact: plenty.

Respect is one of those things that is often assumed rather than displayed or emphasized. 

As part and parcel to excellent customer relations, an overly high degree of respect is just good business.  After all, there are countless others that provide whatever it is for which they have aligned with you.

Showing respect for their desires, expectations, loyalty, candor, and even their disappointment when something goes awry can mean a great deal. 

Remember, your customers or clients can go anywhere and probably are already being contacted and enticed to leave you and purchase from them. 

They trust you or they wouldn’t be doing business with you, so maintain and enhance that trust through an unceasing flow of respect for the entire human and the transactions. It’s more than merely a monetary transaction, it’s signaling an expressed desire to align themselves with you and your business. Don’t discount that trust. Respect everything about them unless you want to lose them. That can happen with the blink of an eye.

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Keeping your customers Engaged in your business, product, or service is paramount to a continued relationship. 

Imagine this: you are purchasing something from a supplier (I’m sure you do every day) and the only time you hear from them is when the invoice or statement shows up in the mail.  When was the last time they actually said or showed they appreciate you?

If you are experiencing anything even close to this form of treatment, you should strongly consider finding a replacement supplier. One that will treat you with respect and a true relationship beyond the monetary aspect is in order.

Send them a card once in a while. How about a monthly newsletter that is printed and mailed to their residence? What’s wrong with a loyalty nurturing email drip campaign? How about an “unexpected extra” showing up once a month. There are ways to automate this “random act of kindness” so that it can be arranged in advance and scheduled (never the same day of the month). Make it unpredictable. Learn what they like and give them a taste of their favorite ________. It could be a recording artist, favorite gum, soft drink, restaurant, whatever. And, don’t forget the kids, and even the pet. You’d be shocked at the positive impression something out of the blue that is so personalized can have on a person. 

Make it Permanent

If, for some reason, this is new thinking on your part, shame on you.  However, every entrepreneur or businessperson thinks differently. Maybe you didn’t give it that much thought. Now is a perfect time to roll out the red carpet and put your clients or customers on a pedestal. Make them feel special in as many ways as you can.

The longevity of their stay with you as a paying asset to your company counts on it.

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