Top 3 Traits of a Great Leader By David Feinstein

There are good leaders and then there are exceptional ones. For those who desire to lead there are different traits that are learned over time. Some may require continuous development; others are natural skills. Bad management skills can be improved, but an unwillingness to see personal flaws is dangerous to the leader and team. There are three traits that one can learn to become more than an average leader. These traits are communication, people skills, and empathy.

Communication skills for leaders in all stages

Communication is needed for all levels of leadership. Without the ability to share knowledge in simple ways a business won’t be able function well. Teams will be chaotic and confused to say the least. Every leader needs to speak on their audience’s level. Speaking above it causes problems for everyone. It doesn’t mean to use simple phrasing but a language level that conveys clear meaning desire.

Leaders can benefit from extra courses on communication styles. Verbal language is different from body language. Just like how written is different from verbal. Each style can turn off the audience if it’s unclear in presentation.

The Real Power of People Skills.

People skills are especially important in order to be successful as a business owner. Communication is only one part of the machine.  Some people have a stronger skill set  than others but doesn’t mean weaker skills are not able to be improved. Such skills include customer support, negotiation, personable and empathetic. This skill set can make or break life in all forms. If one trait is lacking a business may see more failure than not. Fortunately, most of these traits can be learned.

Now we can look at the individual items more closely. Customer service caters to the needs and support of the prospect. When combined with personality and empathy; consumers will respond more warmly towards the business. Customer support involves the complete journey of the consumer. Some people think that customer care is for paid customers only. To truly involve a prospect is too help them from the start. Being personable allows people to connect on a memorable level. They may not be a consumer from the start but can be with the right nourishment and support. Empathy will help by providing insight to the problems of the prospects. By understanding the pains of others, the other skills will enable the support level to be more effective.

Final thoughts for future leaders

As one goes to college to learn skills for life. A good leader must keep evolving in order to provide the best service for their team and prospects. Learning the skills to overcome challenges is a surefire sign of a great leader. Some courses are a financial investment, while others are not. A well-balanced menu of courses of paid and free classes may provide significant information. Never give up. There are ways to improve as long as the effort is honest. Take some time and plan out a course of action to improve the natural skills.

David Feinstein
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