To Why or Why Not – That is the question! by Sean Murphy

SeanMurphyWhat are we supposed to do, what is it that drives us? Your Why Can Be A Why Not For 1000’s of years generation after generation have been looking for their mission, their passion, their reason for being here. What are we supposed to do, what is it that drives me. In Network Marketing we call it your WHY. I’ve spent years speaking to organizations around the globe on this topic and I have met only a handful of people who really knew their WHY. So for those that are having trouble finding, defining what their passion is, I ask them well what would you NOT want?

Sometimes the best way to find something that is difficult to find, you start with what you don’t want to find.

 NULL I refer to it as “the bleep”. Maybe some of you remember the movie that came out some years ago with the title “What the ‘bleep”. It was a movie that talked about how our thoughts can effect our environment and how we are creators of what we see. Well in the movie they talked about sometimes you can look in a drawer or a cabinet, and the thing you are looking for is not there. Yet when someone else walks over to the draw and they pull out the exact item you were looking for, you swear it wasn’t there just a minute ago. This is what happens when we are looking for our WHY. It’s always there, it’s just we don’t see it. A great industry that helps people to work on their WHY is Network Marketing. For all intents and purposes, MLM is a personal development industry with a lucrative pay plan wrapped around it… well in most cases. That topic is for another post.


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