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rod nicholsGet that train moving and start train-ing your downline for massive success As a kid, I was fascinated with trains. I had a real steam engine train set at home, loved going to museums where there were trains, and of course, watching the real ones click and clank along the track. One year I got to ride on one of the last operational steam trains and another time on a coal fueled train. Thinking about this month’s topic: training, it reminded me of my love for trains.

As you know, each train has an engine onto which are attached individual cars of various types. Similarly, when training in network marketing, there must be an engine, the primary topic, and attached cars, sub-topics.

For example, if I’m training on prospecting, that would be my primary topic.  NULL At first I would build the importance of learning how to prospect in order to build a large and lucrative network marketing business. Then I would attach the cars or sub-topics, such as warm market prospecting, contacting people out in public, recruiting professionals, internet prospecting, and so forth. Finally, I would add the caboose, which would be my conclusion – the “what’s in it for me, if I do this?” That’s train-ing. Now, there is another aspect of train-ing and that is the connection from one person to another.

If you’re going to be successful in network marketing, you can’t personally train everyone. Instead you must train people who will go on to train people who will go on to train people and so on.

If you develop or use duplicatable training systems, then your training will continue on down the line without losing any of its effectiveness. If your upline leadership team doesn’t offer a duplicatable training program, I would suggest you either develop one yourself or find something that will work for your team. My new book, The Twelve Power Secrets for Network Marketing Success (which can be ordered on my site at in the Store) would be an excellent starting point, as it covers everything you would ever need to know in order to build a successful network marketing business. You could either give or sell a copy of the book to each person who joins your team and then take them through the chapters, implementing the ideas in their businesses.

This type of mentoring or coaching, based on the use of a book, is very duplicatable. Anyone can do it.

The coaching can be accomplished in person, over the phone, by web conference, or through e-mail. This makes it easy to sponsor and train long distance and is another key aspect of train-ing. As you properly train someone, they will go on to do the same for their people and very quickly you will have a large, national or international business that is producing big checks. So, “woooooooo wooooooooo chugachuga” get that train moving and start train-ing your downline for massive success.


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