Training: Meet them where they are by Kat McCarthy

Kat McCarthyThe three areas of importance when assessing the most effective training for your distributors. Everyone comes into the biz at different levels of understanding and experience so it is important to meet people where they are but how do you determine where a person is? And perhaps more importantly, how do you accommodate so many different levels of understanding?

As in most things, paying attention and listening without an agenda is your most powerful tool in determining where your people are.

It is really easy to get caught up in our own agenda and listen through that filter; however, in the long run, it won’t serve anyone. While we want everyone to be a Network Marketing star the most important thing to remember is that stars are built far more often then they are born. Really listening to your distributors will allow you to really understand what they know and what they don’t yet know – giving you the opportunity to build that next star. NULL There are a few different parts that should always be included in training and it is important to assess each of your distributors in all the different parts. The first part is Knowledge. There are certain things that are important for a distributor to know like how Network Marketing works and what steps to follow when prospecting. Knowledge is very important, it is the nuts and bolts; the how to’s and the ‘what’s next.’ Repetition is the key here to help a distributor memorize the necessary steps and to build confidence for the next part of training. Gatherings are a great way to impart this part of the training; however, be sensitive to the fact that some of your distributors are at different levels. A conversation with your new distributors will enable you to identify those with some training through other sources from those who are truly new. It is important that you acknowledge the needs of the individual rather then treat them all the same; both for the health of your relationship with them and the speed at which they can get started.

A great way to accommodate the different levels of learning is to engage one or more of your senior team members to work with the very new in a separate room while you work with those who have already had some training.

This has the benefit of training everyone where they are at – moving everyone forward in their training – including the advanced members of your team, within the same setting. The second part is the Experiential aspect of training. We all know that what we learn from a book, while good and important, is far from what we learn from actually doing something. The advice of my Grand Mother comes to mind: Practice, practice, practice!! A great way to get this training done is to group people together with several different levels of experience so they can help and support each other. It is critical to assess people in their experience because it appears that this is the juncture where the largest number of people is lost to network marketing. There are of course, always those who simply will not do the work; however their number is actually a lot smaller then it appears. For most people who don’t actually do the work it is paralyzing fear that keeps them from taking action. These are the casualties of the business and – for the most part – those who go away mad. Fear can make an otherwise rational and committed person avoid doing what they know they should and want to do. Unfortunately, when that level of fear raises its ugly head, many people will quit showing up at all and no one can really help them. There will however be a percentage that will keep showing up, they simply won’t be doing the work and these people can be helped.

Devise some confidence building, fear busting exercises; pair people up someone who has dealt with the same depth of fear.

Teach them self appreciation techniques and find a volunteer to hold the person accountable. If they are willing to participate, the fear ridden person will thank you in time, as their business grows and they begin to make their way to the top of the heap. Don’t leave someone behind who could potentially blossom with a little extra help but also, be clear about who that is so you don’t waste everyone’s time. People will tell you if they want to overcome their fear if you listen to them and love them. The third part of training is Understanding. Likely the most difficult part of training is helping someone to understand why they are doing this or that thing; it is also likely the most important of all three. A person who truly understands why he or she is doing something can not help but succeed. Understanding can be divided in 2 ways: First, does your distributor understand why they are in the business in the first place? Second, does that person understand the philosophy behind the practices used in Network Marketing?

Your distributors will benefit greatly if they clearly understand their own reasons for being part of the business.

Dream building events and gatherings are very effective ways of helping your distributors gain that understanding. Expose your distributors to a multitude of options and assist them to gather more reasons to work their business. Use the accomplishments of your senior team members to entice the newer members. Understanding the philosophy behind the practices of Network Marketing is another important piece of the understanding whole.

When a person understands why they are following each step, it not only fosters confidence and commitment, it also creates a deeper wisdom making that distributor far better at assisting their own downline.

To recap, allow me to give you the short answers to the two questions I posed: 1. How do you determine where a new distributor’s level of knowledge, understanding and experience is? Listen without an agenda and from your heart. Remember what it was like when you first got started and treat people the respect and love they deserve. 2. How do you accommodate so many different levels of experience? Use the buddy system. Allow your more senior team members to train the newest people and which offers them the opportunity to get experiential training. Pair people up with complimentary needs and desires; as they say, team work makes the dream work. 🙂 3. Do your distributors understand why they are in the business and do they understand the philosophy of network marketing? Serve your distributors by helping them gain understanding through a variety of resources including events. Happy Training! Kat McCarthy


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