Transform Your Life in Just 60 Days as a Subject Matter Expert by Mike Driggers

Embrace These 7 Powerful Steps and you’ll be unrecognizable!


Master Your Time:

Leave behind the overwhelm and embrace organization. Plan your days the night before, set realistic deadlines, commit to a DMO (Daily Method Operation) and stay committed to your schedule. Effective daily planning and time management will astonish you with how much more you can accomplish. Remember, each day begins with the same 24 hours – it’s up to you to invest them wisely.

Focus on 1 thing to Win:

Results come to those who maintain unwavering focus. Bridge the gap between your current life and the life you desire by channeling your energy into the one thing to win. Stop doing five things at 20% capacity and choose one thing to give 100% of your effort to. Witness the transformation that focused dedication can bring.

Embrace Gradual Growth:

Discover the power of Kaizen, the art of continuous improvement. Commit to making daily marginal gains and bettering yourself step by step. Embrace the 1% rule, where even the smallest daily progress compounds into remarkable growth. this will result in becoming 37.38 times better at any given thing over the course of one year start by reading just one page and watching one video on self-improvement by doing one workout but start today and over time you will be able to see your efforts compound. If you don’t you will become 37.88 negative and fall backwards while everyone else is growing. Start today by improving just 1% and witness your efforts exponentially blossom over time.

Think Like a Problem Solver:

Develop a diagnostic mindset and approach life with logic. Question why things happen and view challenges from an elevated perspective. Ask yourself what you can control, how you can improve, and what steps will lead to progress. Remember, who you are today won’t take you to where you want to be – embrace change and become the person you aspire to be.

Cultivate a Valuable Network:

Surround yourself with those who inspire greatness. Your environment shapes your success. Build a network of high-value individuals who propel you forward. As human beings, we absorb traits, habits, and mindsets from those we spend time with. Minimize contact with those who hold you back and embrace the company of those who uplift and empower you.

Embrace Deep Work:

Your focus is a precious asset – protect and invest it wisely. Block out dedicated hours each day for deep work on your biggest goals. Eliminate distractions and prioritize the task at hand. Steadfast focus sets you apart from the majority. By cultivating monk-like concentration, you’ll surge ahead of others and manifest remarkable results.

Uncover Your Purpose:

Goals alone aren’t enough; they need a driving force. Discover your divine purpose and align your actions with your higher calling. Gain clarity on your mission and create a plan that resonates with your true essence. Unlock the ease and fulfillment that comes from living a purpose-driven life.

In just 60 days,

these transformative steps will reshape your identity as a subject matter expert, unlocking a version of yourself you never thought possible. Embrace these principles, unleash your potential, and embark on an extraordinary journey toward a life of purpose, success, and profound personal growth. Your future awaits.

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Mike Driggers
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