Transforming Into a People Magnet By David Feinstein

People follow those who they admire. They want those same qualities because they want to feel successful. Successful people have to go through stages. They have to sacrifice on many different levels. Sometimes the price is not worth it.  They suffer through torture and pain to have status in the end. This path starts by choosing goals that they want to achieve.

Transformation without compromising ethical standards

The biggest flaw for people seeking success is the mortal compromise on their ethics. They push aside certain qualities that will enable long-term survival for a quick buck. It’s a difficult balancing act but good standards will never need to be sacrificed. It should be the opposite. Where bad ethics turn into good ones. One can turn into something powerful without having to surrender their beliefs.

Set goals that work with good ethics. Some strong ethics to live by include honest compassion, promise-keeping, respect, accountability, and transparency. These can and should be learned. They will transform lives into something that others want to be so bad. Once goals are based on strong morals and not on petty elements. The transformation can begin. Petty stuff will come in great abundance but without wisdom to build a sustainable empire, there is no point.

Learning from others to improve oneself

People make mistakes, and some of them are expensive. This is the time to study and learn from others. The errors can provide deep insight into business operations that may benefit your profits. Don’t ignore the industry around you. There will be opportunities for you to capitalize on. This is a great moment to move forward and bring your passion and drive in front of others. Learn from the successes as well. Others may have solved a problem that may have hindered your growth.

Success is the end goal, but it doesn’t stop there. Take a look at the processes and steps. The time it took to close the deal and the reward. How much of your resources did you have to use? Examine everything closely. Even monitor your emotions and moods as you move throughout the day. The right moods and emotions can break your efforts and cause mayhem. Personal habits from eating to sleeping can determine the amount of transformation you’ll achieve.

Do you have the heart to believe?

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David Feinstein
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