Treat’em Right and They Will Stay by Roberto Torres

Roberto TorresThe mistake that is often made is that most networkers work on being responsive rather than proactive.  Lets face it retention in MLM is a problem and it’s more of a problem than many wish to admit. It seems especially now with the Internet that I am seeing more and more networkers jumping from company to company and attempting to work several companies at the same time because they have the Internet. How having the Internet translates into being able to build several MLMs I don’t know. What I do know is that there are a lot of people leaving one company for another or exiting MLM all together. I know this is not new, earth shattering news for anyone who has been involved in MLM for 10 minutes, but I believe there is something that can be done to slow down the bleeding a lot, a whole lot.  NULL

I am happy to say that in most of my career in MLM I have had good retention by applying some very simple concepts. Most of the talk in our profession is focused on recruiting, but very little is focused on retention.

Yet, it’s my opinion that keeping them is just as important if not more important than recruiting them.

There is a simple progression that you should walk your distributors and customers through so that they volunteer to stick around you, your company and your products. The progression is as follows: 1. First they become business associates or customers. 2. They become your friend. 3. They become part of your family.

Follow this simple 3 part progression and you will see retention increase in your group.

So what can one do to create this kind of retention? Here is what I do. Retention System In Effect A. Everyone that joins my organization gets a welcome letter through email and then gets a greeting card / letter in the mail from various uplines. If it’s a customer than it is the same process except it would be a thank you email / letter. B. A sequence of “checking in” calls are then put into effect that helps build the relationship between you and your new distributor or customer. These calls should be over a 30 day period. C. Tips and updates are sent on a weekly basis, providing more information about the business or the product (s). D. A weekly conference call or meeting is provided weekly again to build that bond. E. Look for every opportunity to congratulate on a success. This is both done for the business or the product. It doesn’t matter whether the person is a distributor or a customer. F. Remember their birthday. Send a card and follow up with a phone call to those that have gotten close to you and are progressing from associate to family member. G. Never miss an opportunity to meet in person when possible. Apply this method over the next 90 days and teach your team to do the same and watch what happens to your retention. The mistake that is often made in my opinion is that most networkers work on being responsive rather than proactive.


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