True Joy by Linda Yates

LindaYates1In business, the opportunity to show charity can have long lasting effects and implications. Where do you find the most joy? What is joy to you? I am not referring to happiness. Happiness is a piece of joy.

True joy typically involves another person besides us. Because of our inherent need to feel accepted, we need to have positive relationships with others.

You have probably heard it said that you have to give in order to get. But what about the principle of just giving, (what I will refer to in this article as charity)? What is charity? Do you know others that possess charity? What makes you drawn to that person? Let’s explore these questions, and through that exploration be able to find the secret to charity. NULL

In Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary charity is described as the following: benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity; The other descriptions is; lenient judgment of others. Supreme charity is not an act but a condition or state of being. Now that we have defined charity there are probably individuals that come to your mind. This state of being helps you endure all things. It is not easily provoked and it is patient. By exemplifying this trait we will attract goodness and prosperity into our lives. Let me share an example of one of the individuals in my life that continues to be someone that carries this enduring trait. Her name is Norene. She was raised in a small town out west and grew up in a small family. She probably became a charitable person due, in large part, to the example of her mother. Norene has always given individuals the benefit of the doubt in her dealings with them. She has been patient when those closest to her have disappointed her. She has opened her home to strangers from different lands when it wasn’t convenient for her to do so. She thrived professionally because she understood that her co-workers were human and that love and patience will make all successful in the end. Because of her charitable nature she attracted others to her. We all like to do business with people we like and who we feel truly likes us. Lastly, she has shared her mental, physical, emotional and financial resources to help others through their time of need or to help them achieve their goals. I have seen Norene forgive others that have used or abused her, and in return she has loved and cared for them in very personal ways. I am grateful to have her as someone I can look to as an example. We all need these individuals in our lives. They give us hope, and teach us that goodness is within all of us.

By being charitable we purge ourselves of selfishness. I believe by ridding ourselves of selfishness, we are able to be more open to what life has to offer us and the opportunities that are there to capitalize and experience joy.

If we are closed and don’t give, we limit our potential to achieve our goals and reach the success we dream of. With this trait we are able to expand our network. It has been stated that successful individuals are “go givers.” They look for opportunities to give of themselves and their resources. They understand that true joy comes in giving. Why do the holidays bring out the best in everyone? Some would argue that they have become so commercialized, but I would argue that in the end people feel good because they are losing themselves in the thoughts and actions of serving others. Charity is not the trait of someone who lets themselves be walked on or taken advantage of. Some people probably would associate charity as being weak. It takes a strong individual who can find the good in every experience in life and the lesson to be learned. In business, the opportunity to show charity can have long lasting effects and implications. How could you show more charity in your work? First, outline what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior for dealing with all groups such as clients, partners and employees. By developing a code and enforcing it, those who experience your entity will discover that you say what you mean and mean what you say. By being involved in the community and providing goodwill you will attract more business and true joy in your professional life. Those organizations and individuals that understand the timeless principle that giving is better than receiving are open to change and have the ability to maneuver through trials or upsets.

Giving is one of the ways that we can breathe confidence into our organizational lives.

Even as an individual we reap the benefits of giving. I have personally found that when I give, the joy and often times tangible rewards are tenfold. Being known as a “go giver” will open doors and improve your results in all you attempt to do.

True joy is when we lose ourselves in the service of others.



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