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Elizabeth HarringtonHow to dominate your market one tweet at a time  As a Social Media expert, I often hear from small business owners that web 2.0 or social media is a big time suck. I also hear that it is way too confusing and overwhelming for most people to get started. Avoid it at your own peril, is what I say to them and, for that matter, to you.

This is a time in business where nothing is constant BUT Change.

Disruption reigns today in business. Get used to it or perish, my friend! Those who embrace the chaos, however reluctantly, will be big winners playing in the sandbox of new media and using the new tools like Twitter.  NULL

What we teach at is how these tools like Twitter, can leverage your efforts for instant business benefits – like increasing your sales, reaching new markets, and dramatically opening up ways to connect with potential business partners. Yes it is a great way staying in touch with friends and family.

It is also a great way to publicize your business or organization, launch new products, try out new ideas BEFORE spending a dime and failing miserably.

President Obama used it brilliantly and in fact started to follow ME on Twitter 30 minutes before his inaugural event! Obviously it was on a set auto-responder but still made me feel very special and connected to him in a personal way. Isn’t that what each of us wants in our lives? To be connected. To build community. To create or be part of a tribe, as Seth Godin, author of Tribes calls it. How do you get started? Go to Set up an account (easy and free) Use your real name on your account such as john_doe. My name is too long but it is When registering make sure you use your real name as it appears- ie Elizabeth Harrington. Why? It is easier for people to search for you by your real name. If you put it all together then people can’t find you. ie.elizabeththarrington. This is a common error many new people make when setting up. This is a free tool so the cost of entry is low. All you need now is to follow some key people. I suggest you follow the gurus in your industry. Maybe they will follow you back. The good ones will. You can always head over to send me some tweet love! I believe that one should follow everyone… and so I respond yes when I receive notice someone is following me. I also send each person following me a DM or direct message. “Sam I am honored to have you follow me. Looking forward to connecting with you.”

This is a nice and personal way of connecting with people. Like any relationship, it is all about building relationships and connecting in a personal and heartfelt manner.

Twitter is a micro blogging site and you are only allowed 140 characters for each “TWEET” so people are now developing their own language… but more on that in later articles! I am really having fun as I experiment with this new toy and am really amazed at how quickly I am connecting with people I have admired from afar in the past! One word of caution – DO NOT PITCH ANYTHING MLM or you will be “UNFOLLOWED” in a hurry! I saw an example of this the other night in a TWEET CHAT ROOM. Someone asked if anyone knew a good MLM opportunity as his friend was looking for one. As this guy was one of my followers, I was able to send him a Direct Message – “are u nuts”? You will be flooded with people. On the other hand I said I was a top leader with MAX and what was his friend looking for?” Five minutes later, AL screamed ON TWITTER “ stop stop… I didn’t ask for the same pitch from everyone… the frenzy of “my comp plan is the best” “, ground floor opportunity,” millionaires made daily” blah blah blah. There was only one person who asked what my friend was looking for and proceeded to honor me with an introduction as the only one who asked a question and didn’t offer a pitch. So this is a good example of what NOT TO DO on Twitter or anywhere for that matter!

Remember people will more likely join you in your business if: THEY KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU and TRUST YOU The best way to do that on Twitter or any social media platform is by building relationships slowly and by being more interested in others than in your pitch!

Success in business is about staying connected – to team members, colleagues, and especially customers (prospects too). Twitter offers a new high tech way to achieve that connectedness and build a better brand (YOU BRAND) with a core of loyal, enthusiastic customers.


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