Two Great Prospects When it Comes to Finding True Leaders for Your MLM Business by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxIn network marketing those who can lead usually become the cream of the crop. Therefore it’s in your best interest to find people who will likely become great leaders It’s no secret that the MLM industry is one where those who can lead usually become the cream of the crop. Therefore it’s in your best interest to find people who will likely become great leaders in your organization right? While most people these days are looking for the heavy hitters who are in the industry already, other keen distributors seek out those that may not have huge downlines to swing over into their organization (that will likely just swing away later anyway when the next “hot” or “rising” company comes along), but have potential to become great leaders that people will likely follow into the industry. Finding MLM Leaders Is As Simple As Finding Leaders In Life With an Entrepreneurial Spirit… NULL

There are leaders all around us in life… people who lead men and women toward a common goal…and get them there. These are the people that you want to have within your organization on each and every level possible. They will be the ones that you will be proud to rise through the ranks, achieving what they set out to achieve, while helping those under them achieve their dreams as well…and become leaders themselves. It’s quite amazing when this happens. It also has a profound affect on your residual income. That’s your reward for seeking out the best leaders to put into your downline, so this is where you want to focus your efforts. But while having leaders in your organization is essential, there are some who are better than others. Why? Because while some people are great leaders and can lead men and women to do tremendous things – like military leaders for instance – some of these people aren’t necessarily cut out for having their own business and entrepreneurship. You must find those people who have an entrepreneurial spirit who can also lead. These will be the people who “get” what you’re trying to do with a home business.

A person with an entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills is a true gem to have in your organization, and though they’re not everywhere you look, they’re easier to find than you might think…without having to go and try to poach the heavy hitters from other downlines.

While there are tons of these types out there I’m going to just showcase two of the types here so that a) You can get started finding them right away and b) You can start brainstorming others with similar qualities. First – Realtors and Real Estate Brokers… Okay, so this is a 2-for-1 type of prospect. However I’ll explain why I added both in just one minute. First the big reason that I chose realtors (both agents and brokers) is very simple. These are people who are used to hustling to earn their pay. These are professionals who earn a commission only, and only when they make a sale. So they’re used to that sort of feast or famine mindset, and many times they’re true go-getters who live and breathe marketing themselves. They are astute at knowing how to brand themselves and helping prospects find the benefits of working with THEM. That’s half the battle in MLM. Also nearly every real estate agent has the dream of becoming a broker. They work hard to hit that next plateau, and the reason is because they want agents working under them so that they can earn a passive income off of the efforts of those other agents. So they understand leverage, and they strive daily to attain it. On the other hand, the brokers already know about this passive income. He understands the power of leverage first hand, though in a different way. He’s missing out on the residual income.

When it comes to leadership, real estate brokers of course understand how to lead a team. They depend on their real estate sales team for their income, and so understand how to motivate and coach them to success in the real estate market, and will therefore understand how to do the same with a downline.

Real estate agents are leaders within their own realm. They lead buyers and sellers to make decisions. Their leadership skills among others will be easy to mold and in the MLM industry they’ll be great leaders to a downline. Second – Personal Fitness Trainers… This one may seem odd to you but there are plenty of good reasons why these people would be great prospects as leaders in your MLM business. First of all, like the realtor, they’re used to hustling for their clients, and their income. They also understand the importance of building a network and word of mouth advertising. But it goes beyond just those things.

Personal fitness instructors are great leaders. They lead people to do things with their own bodies that most people don’t really want to do.

They influence and motivate people to get up early, or work out after a hard day’s work. They know how to get people to bust their butts for the things that they want. They understand how to hit the hot buttons that will get people moving and taking action, and that’s very rare. Most people work their whole lives to attain that level of influence, and personal fitness trainers have it by trade. That’s not to mention that they take excellent care of themselves, which means that their brain is working at optimal rates. They’re also used to working hard toward goals, and helping others achieve their goals which is what MLM is really all about. So there you go. If you’ve ever wondered who would be a great MLM leader for your organization, you now have two prospects to go after. You’ve also got a ton of criteria to look for in prospects which will carry you extremely far in your quest for MLM success.


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