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Dear Network Marketing Magazine readers,

 I will be presenting a series of articles called “Ultimate Networking” in the coming months! They will be excerpts from my new book, “Ultimate Networking.” You will learn how to get almost anything and everything you want by networking, as well as how to become “The Ultimate Networker” in life or business!


After networking myself for over 50 years, I finally realized that most of my family, friends, neighbors, customers, prospects, and associates didn’t know how powerful networking is and how to network effectively. My estimate, based on my real world networking experience, is that most people operate at a level of about 10% to 30% of being effective at networking. I decided then to use my years of experience and help others become better networkers by writing a new book, “Ultimate Networking.” I also developed “Performance Tracking” (to be presented in upcoming segments) as a training aid, to help business people and professionals become more effective and efficient as a networker.


As a long time business networker, I initially rated myself as an 8 (scale of 1 thru 10; 10 being high). After researching and writing this material, I took my “Business Networker Assessment” (to be presented in upcoming segments) and found that I only rated a 6. Even as good as I thought I was, I discovered a lot of things that I wasn’t doing and other things that I could be doing better. It is a well-known fact that we should always be making an effort to improve ourselves and our skills. Once you decide to upgrade yourself, to become “The Ultimate Networker,” you will get more leads, more qualified prospects, more customers, more sales and have more success! You can also get a job, funding for a business, find employees and more. Since 1997 my company, which I retired from five years ago, has always found our employees by the referral method; asking friends, associates and customers to send us prospects for open positions. I recommend that everyone start building a referral network as early in life as possible. But at any age, it’s never too late to start. Being an “The Ultimate Networker” means that you are “THE BEST OF THE BEST!”






You can get almost anything and everything you want by networking: a job, a spouse, ideas, place to live, needed resources and much more. Just like in building a business referral network, you can establish a network of friends, associates, resources, and businesses that you use yourself and want to recommend. Whenever you have a specific need, create a Networker Profile (to be presented in upcoming segments) and send to as many friends and associates as possible. Be sincere about it and ask for their help; you will be amazed at how many responses and connections you will get. You can increase your search capacity many times over! In fact, I found my wife of 37 years using this method. When I was single, I created a form that specified what I was looking for in a female. I had ten, single, male friends who were meeting lots of women that I would never have a chance to know. Within a short time, one of my friends met my present wife at a party and realized that she suited what I was looking for and fit my description. He called the next day and scheduled a time we could all meet. He made the introduction, and the rest is history. If you use your network wisely, you will be amazed at how much easier it will be to navigate through life!


I have a lot of experience in multiple aspects of networking. Here are some areas of my involvement that required top-notch networking skills …………

  • CORPORATE – Engineer & Upper Management-  General Motors (18 years)

    • Networking with other divisions, corporate customers, and suppliers

  • NETWORK MARKETING – Being part of various MLM programs (5 years)

    • Networking with other affiliates at events, in public places, online

  • BUSINESS OWNER – FAM Network (12 years)

    • Connecting others at social events, seminars, and workshops


  • Taught social networking strategies and techniques to singles for dating and mating (Find-A-Mate Singles Network)

  • Taught sales training (Youngstown State Univ – University of Miami)

  • Presenter at workshops, conferences, and seminars

  • SPEAKER’S BUREAU – Director of Nightingale-Conant Speaker’s Bureau (4  years)

    • Networking at the highest level in booking and scheduling the top speakers in the USA with corporate clients


    • VP of Sales & Marketing (business networking for leads, prospects, and customers) – Interaxx TV Network (4 years)

    • VP of Sales & Marketing (business networking for leads, prospects, and customers) – Webstream Internet Solutions (13 years)


    • Planned and hosted many networking and social events for business, non-profits, and entertainment

  • RADIO SHOW HOST – “Internet Business Hour” – broadcast in over 35 markets (12 years)

    • Networking for sponsors, leads, prospects, and customers


“Networking with a Purpose”

Creating a New Culture for Doing Business

1 – People helping people

2 – Teamwork, partnerships, collaboration, support, referral networks

3 – Fortune is in the follow-up, success is on the follow through!

4 – Get rid of your attitudes and pre-judgments

5 – Don’t promote yourself until you find out what the other person wants or needs and how you can help them?

Networking isn’t about talking to a ton of people but targeting the right people.

It is not about telling as much as listening. It is not just about promoting you, your products and services but it’s creating business relationships. You are a messenger (a person that presents, introduces and explains your business) and “Rainmaker” (a person that can find qualified prospects and influence progress and success). The most effective networkers are those who take the time to delve deeper into relationships and find out if there is synergy and opportunity to build a lasting bond. Networking is about surrounding yourself with a support and referral network for business and life in general. You need to be ready to go to work, mingle and get out of your comfort zone (don’t just talk to those you already know). It is not only about your business but being part of a business community ………..

Your Business (products & services)

Referral Network (family, friends, neighbors, customers & associates)

Community (clubs & organizations)


The future of networking will be when people doing business start treating each other like humans. People will be polite, courteous and use proper etiquette. They will lose their attitudes and first find out the needs of others and provide solutions using their products and services. The idea is to form relationships with others in the community such as clubs, organizations, and charities, refer business to your friends and associates; then others will seek you out as a resource and thankfully use your products and services to their benefit and refer you to others!

Your passion for helping others will reward you with business success and the strong relationships you establish. If you are providing the best products and services, then you have no competition. In dealing with others you don’t have to be nice or competitive or better, but be helpful. The final element is that you need to make sure that everything you do or say will have a positive effect decades later. Also, deal with people that have integrity, honesty and proven performance!


George Dubec 561-777-3196 george@georgedubec.com





Ultimate Networking – George Dubec


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