Uncovering Buried Dreams by Jim Bellacera

JimBellaceraIt is time to uncover those buried dreams and commit to holding on to them, working to make them come true. Have you buried your dreams? Did you once have dreams of having a successful career, of raising a family, and having children that would grow up to make wise decisions? Did you have a dream of being a highly recognized artist using your talents to paint images to bless people or did you have a dream of becoming a professional athlete, maybe golfing on the PGA Tour, an Olympic snow boarder/skier, or an NBA basketball player etc.? What about a life of sharing romantic getaways with your significant other? Or how about plans of starting your own business and being a success working for yourself? Just because you have not experienced the success you desire, doesn’t mean your dreams have to be buried under regret and hopelessness. Life and circumstances do change. You should have new dreams of hope and happiness. You can resurrect your dreams! NULL

It’s never too late to dream and to believe in the visions God has inspired you to have. And it is certainly never too late to set goals and work towards making them come true. If you still believe in your dreams, there is still hope. Those dreams that have been buried and forgotten can be brought back to life – just start dreaming again!

Today is a new day and you can claim it as the first day of the rest of your life. Expect outrageous results and claim them as yours and the opportunities you have been looking for will come.

God has a plan for your life and if you’re still breathing, he is not finished with you. If you have ignored your dreams or tried to forget them or buried them out of discouragement and frustration, its time to uncover those buried dreams and commit to holding on to them, working to make them come true. Ron Heagy is one such person who had to alter his dreams. Because he was injured and permanently paralyzed. Today his dreams are different than when he was a teenager. Due to a terrible accident he is a quadriplegic with his days confined to a wheelchair. But today he travels the world sharing his story and inspiring others to keep dreaming and “keep smiling”. And the influence he has had on men, women and children who are also physically disabled is incredible. Using only his teeth to hold a brush Ron has painted some of the most awe inspiring paintings I have ever seen. And today, contrary to doctor’s prognosis, Ron is a proud father. Ron’s motto is “Never Give Up”!

Many times in life plans change beyond our control but dreams still do come true.

You need to see beyond your past. “Your body doesn’t live in the past so why should your mind”. Many people live their lives in the past by looking at their past failures and their current circumstances and assume this is how it’s going to be for the rest of their life. They develop an attitude of “So why waste time dreaming?” Maybe you have made mistakes in the past (if you’re human, and don’t live on a deserted island, you have). Everyone has made mistakes, whether it be in relationships or in business or with an investment opportunity, you tend to feel you’ve started a pattern and you lose faith in yourself as well as everyone else and have a hard time trusting or believing anyone new in your life. Using your experiences from the past as a weapon to take control of your future is referred to as wisdom. Wisdom is what you gain from your past, good or bad. The only way to move forward and out of a rut of repetition is to exercise that wisdom. Do your homework and don’t let your emotions get in the way of making a proactive decision. Life is too short to be hung up on past failures. So if you are, it means you are keeping your eyes on your rearview mirror which only lets you see your past. What you should be watching are your side view mirrors to see what’s coming upon you. These are the opportunities you can do something about. Remember, you can’t change the past.

Rekindle your dream. Remind yourself of why you had the dream in the first place then restructure your goals and move forward.

Write down your buried or forgotten dreams and commit to bringing them back to being a part of your life. Write down why you had this dream. Who can you inspire by reestablishing your buried dreams as you decide to never give up? Write Down any newly inspired dreams.


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