Using High Tech Tools to Develop Your High Touch People Business by Sue Seward

We live in a high tech society and have seen an Internet world in the last fifteen plus years that has exploded into our lives with constant information, information, and more information. Some of it has been good and some not so good right? My sincere hope in writing this training article is that THIS information will help you to put the Internet to work smart for you as an effective communication tool if you’re goal is to become successful for the long term in your Network Marketing business.

Keep in mind that using a system is always going to be really productive for building your business as long as you are focusing on developing high touch relationships.

One of the things I’ve done these last twenty some years to develop a successful business is adding the personal touch. We know that the Internet can be a powerful tool to help save us more time and reach more people all over the world. It’s really important though to keep our communication on a personal level as well as high tech because after all we’re in the people business. I truly believe Diane Feinstein who said that “ninety percent of leadership is being able to communicate what people want”. Communicating with people is good but we will not know what people want unless we ask. Asking is the high touch part.

I’ve never advised using bulk email ads promising overnight riches because this is really all just one way communication and to be honest it’s hype and people don’t like it. What that means is all the spam ads filling up millions of email boxes and causing more and more people to use filter blockers. In fact, many people now days don’t even use email as much as they do more personal touches like Facebook if it’s done properly without all the hype and intrusion.

Email however, is best used with someone actually opts into your autoresponder system for more information by filling out a contact form on your website. You’ll be reading more on this below.

I’ve heard people say it’s getting tougher and tougher to build a long term business on the Internet. This happens when people try to build their business online without building any sort of high touch relationship with people. Truth be known, from what I’ve seen in all my years of experience online most of the spam master types aren’t really interested in building any kind of personal relationship because to be honest they’re not leaders. They are not interested in a people business; they are interested in an online business making as much money as they possibly can, as quick as they can, without getting to know anyone personally. I’m not saying that’s bad for them, it’s just not my thing personally because I love serving people as a leader and if you are of like mind than keep on reading.

People think a business can be started by putting up a website or by sending out these long drawn out boring emails to people, even the people they’ve met online and think everyone’s going to just jump right into their great opportunity from an email. Yes it can happen with some people that have been on your list for a while. These are people you’ve actually built relationships with. In this high tech age too it’s no different with videos people make.

I’ve asked people what do they like, and most of them said reading training articles are great to have as well as the audios and video trainings. So it all works together, especially when staying consistent.

Personally I do not prefer hiding behind a screen all day sending out emails to thousands of people that most likely won’t even be opened and I don’t just put my business on total auto pilot without using some human touch. Sooner or later you’ve got to speak with people personally even if you’re into all the high tech stuff.

Video technology is a great tool that people are using and it makes them more personable when they are live.

It’s great technology although still not quite like speaking with someone or meeting them face to face.

Sometimes it’s just not possible to meet someone who lives across the country, across the world, and sometimes even across town, so live video is cool.

Utilize caution when buying leads online too because a lot of times people don’t remember signing up for something and when they receive information some of them will treat it like spam and it goes right in the trash bin. Make sure when purchasing leads that they come with all the documented proof ie: ISP address, date and time stamp. Here’s what to look for -,Name of person, 2004-12- 28

You could risk getting shut down by your ISP because of spam complaints if you are sending unsolicited emails, meaning people have not opted in to your contact list requesting information.

I built a profitable thriving business with thousands of distributors from all over the world from the comforts of my home using the Internet and telephone. Simply by building a successful long term network marketing business using the Internet as an effective communication tool to build relationships with a few key “people” that I met online in places like Facebook and online forums. I also meet a lot of people with my team in person too at company events. This gives you an even more solid way of building relationships. Treat your business like a real business and it will pay you like one. Treat it like a hobby and hobbies don’t pay I always say.

I have used autoresponder systems for over nineteen years to help automate information while I’m sleeping. This way people opt in for more information and they have the option of opting out. I’ve purchased proven leads as well in the past (be very careful of this and make sure you have the above information on all of the leads you buy online and only buy leads that have been tested by someone you know and trust). I direct people to my website and then set up campaigns to drip information to them always directing them to my website and contact information.

Online communities, Facebook, Twitter and discussion groups can also be very effective when used properly by building relationships with people you meet.

Facebook live is also very effective for doing specific announcements and trainings.

There’s also Google Hangout for personal videos as well as Skype. These are all great ways to communicate directly with people face to face online without having to leave your office.

Back when I started my home business online in 1996 all we had was email, a few online forums and our telephone. These are all still effective for communications too when used properly to build relationships.

Building a strong foundation is the best way to developing a strong long term business. It’s pretty well known that people like doing business with people they know, like and trust. I know that’s true for me, how about you? Do business with people that you meet on the Internet by simply developing relationships with them.

It’s simple to do but remember getting to actually know people and developing a relationship takes some time so don’t give up too quickly.

So how is all this done effectively? By turning high tech automation with the Internet into high touch relationships. Putting two way communication to work can set you up in a thriving profitable Network Marketing business. Be different from all those generic websites that are pushing products in people’s faces and telling them how much they need their

products and services. Ask people what they are interested in, what are they looking for, what do they really want?

Set yourself up to be different from all the rest and create a sense of identity by branding yourself. A personal web page is a great way to do this. Tell people about yourself, your family, your team, your goals, show yourself as a professional, a real business person, tell people why you do what you do and how you help make a difference in people’s lives. I’ve

learned over the years that cunning tricks of persuasion or hype just are not appealing to most people and by most people I’m thinking perhaps you feel the same way? It’s a real turn off. I always leave a message too when getting someone’s voice mail. I feel it’s just rude and a little tricky not to. I feel if someone is really interested in speaking with me they will call me back. If not it’s okay because I’m not in the business of chasing and convincing people.

There are website templates that are very affordable, some even free that are user friendly so you do not have to hire a web designer and pay thousands of dollars for a fancy website presence unless you have a budget to do so. Keep things simple, personable and above all be professional. It’s also good to put your blog on your website, photos of you and your family, your business team, your company event photos, your products, your dog, whatever you like that will show people you’re real so they identify with you.

A blog is a great way to do this. A blog is sort of like writing a diary and is a great way to brand you and start building relationships online.

It’s a way to help people to get to know you and start the communication process because they can post back to your blog or get in touch with you by filling out one of your contact forms. Again, communicate something people want.

People decide whether or not to read another person’s blog. It’s not spam that’s sent to them that they didn’t request. They decide to read it or not and it’s also their choice to respond for more information. The goal with a personal website is to create a place where people will get to know you a bit better and determine if they’d like to know you even more and most importantly partner with you. You can use your personal website to show people what your values are what’s important to you and use it as an ice breaker to building a relationship with your future business partners. Again being able to communicate something people want.

Most people already have websites provided by their companies. These are called replicated websites and are usually very high quality, professionally maintained websites, filled with all the necessary information anyone could ever want to know about a business opportunity, products, services, etc. But these are branding the company and not you. These websites are best to send out after you’ve started your rapport and relationship building with people. After you find out if they are interested in what you have to offer them. The only exception to this would be if you are partnering with a new startup company and you’re

giving people a heads up about what’s coming.

Company websites are used for informational purposes to sell the company and their products, not to help people get to know who you are or your servant leadership capabilities. The company website does not promote you personally; you are responsible for promoting and branding you, your experience, your purpose and what you have to offer as a leader. Use the company replicated website to promote the company and products you are taking personally and recommending. For me personally, it’s very important to actually take my company’s products and most importantly receive benefit from them so that I can feel good about recommending them to my family and clients.

Always obtain permission when sending people information about your company and products, and please before putting people into your Facebook groups ask them if it’s okay. People appreciate when you ask them first. It’s also not a good idea to post your opportunity on their Facebook profile page without their permission. When someone is

sharing about their company, products, do not post your opportunity, company links, or blast anything negative about theirs. This is a real pet peeve online and especially on Facebook. It’s just like if someone were to walk into your home and place their products on your coffee table without asking your permission first. Here’s something you can do –

Recently during Cyber Monday I made a post on my personal Facebook Timeline asking for permission to post my personal website on my Friends Timeline for that day. Many of my friends responded back under that post thread with a YES please do, probably because they know me, they know my reputation, my website and what it’s all about, and I was

considerate enough to ask permission first. You could do this any time of the year but please its best not to wear out your welcome if you know what I mean.

Remember when meeting someone online it’s always best to find out where a person is in their life, find out about them first. When they are interested in getting to know you and reviewing your information they will let you know. This goes for people you know too, find out what’s up with them first to get some clues about what’s happening in their life before

shouting out about your business and products.

Learn to be a giver more than a taker. Use the telephone and actually speak with people. This is where the high touch communication starts.

When it’s possible, meet people in person at events or in the local area because this will always be one of the best ways to build relationships. I’ve met and developed relationships with many amazing people in the Network Marketing industry over the last twenty something years. These are just a few of the key reasons why I’ve developed into the leader God created me to be by combining some of the old with high tech tools with a goal of communicating to people what they want.

Never Give Up!

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.

 Using High Tech Tools to Develop Your High Touch People Business by Sue Seward




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