Using YouTube to Improve Your MLM Business  by David Feinstein

Using YouTube to Improve Your MLM Business 

Everybody knows YouTube.

Millions of videos are watched daily on this multimedia search engine, with thousands of new clips uploaded by the hour. Next to Google, YouTube is the most visited site on the Internet and an important tool in your MLM business marketing. If you don’t have an account, you’re already behind.

You may be thinking, your MLM business already came with videos from the parent company, so what need for you of another login to memorize? Well, consider this: you may be able to embed videos from your product headquarters into your website, blog, and social media, but at the end of the day that material is not wholly yours. Click-throughs may bypass you and go straight to somebody else who could get credit for your sale! To succeed in your marketing, video is a necessity in a society that craves visual stimuli.

It’s easy to sign up for YouTube – all you need is an e-mail address and about ten to fifteen minutes to create a profile. You can also customize your “channel” to include a background with your logo, and you can add your MLM business URLs and information right on the page. You now have one more potential entry in search results when people look for your product.

If you have no videos ready to share, do you still need the account? Yes! With your account, you can befriend other YouTube users and comment on their videos. If you see misleading information on your MLM business, for example, you can set the record straight and perhaps win new affiliates to your network. Be cordial as you would on any other social network, and take the time to explore the videos relevant to your topics. You’re bound to find ideas when you’re ready to make clips of yourself.

When you do, record and upload them often. The more attention you give to your video account, the better for promotion of your MLM business. Get video and go viral with your networking opportunities!

How to Use YouTube for Your MLM Business

Let’s say you have a nice website set up for your MLM business. You explain in details what products are available and how people can not only find benefits with the products but earn a nice income through their own networking endeavors. Maybe you’ve attached a blog and Facebook page, and are feeding information through Twitter. You’re all set, or are you?

Do you have a YouTube account to promote your MLM business? If not, you are missing out on reaching an entire demographic of people who are responsible for the millions of daily views on this social site. With YouTube, you present an opportunity not only to sell your products but yourself as a potential network mentor.

What’s more, setting up a YouTube channel is easy to do.

A small investment of time and a quality camera can help you create a short video introduction to your MLM business. Choose a well-lighted area at home, with a backdrop that doesn’t clash with your hair and clothes, and be yourself. You may wish to prepare a short script so you do not fumble on words and force several retakes.

Once your video is uploaded and annotated, you can use your YouTube channel to promote your MLM business. Because YouTube is owned by Google, it is highly regarded in search and part of Google’s new search algorithms. Setting the proper keywords on the channel allows for your name and brand to show more in a relevant search.

You may not experience viral success in the millions of views like a Lady Gaga video, but setting up a presence on YouTube with a series of short clips expands the visibility of your MLM business and network.

What Not to Do On an MLM Business YouTube Video

As you search for tips on promoting your MLM business, you’ve probably seen a number of articles offering tips on creating a great video that goes viral and aids in growing your network. For all the tips you receive, you probably haven’t seen many videos that advise you what not to do. If you know, you are less likely to make tactical errors that could have the reverse effect on your marketing.

As you prepare a video to promote your MLM business, remember the following:

1) Don’t cut corners in production. If you have a friend who has a brother who makes videos, make sure he’s a professional. This video represents your MLM business and your branding efforts, so it must have quality. Find an affordable video expert who knows what he/she is doing.

2) Don’t film outside. You might think an outdoor setting lends a touch of exoticism to your video, as though being on the beach gets people to think they can live by the ocean with their MLM business success. Outdoor filming, however, can catch background noises you don’t need disrupting your video. Choose a quiet setting.

3) Don’t wing it. You may fear to sound wooden by reading off a script, but if you try to improvise your talk about your MLM business you could end up rambling off topic or become flustered.

4) Don’t feel embarrassed. Yes, not all of us like having our pictures taken, or being in home movies. Basically, when it comes to things like this we are our own worst critics. If everything is done correctly, your video looks great and your MLM business will benefit from it.

When you set up your video on YouTube to promote your MLM business, you stand to grow a following for your products who could turn into a strong, viable network. Take these tips to heart when the camera rolls.

Things to Do With a YouTube Video for Your MLM Business 

So you have your video films and uploaded to YouTube. All you need to do is sit back and wait for viewers to see how wonderful your MLM business is, and sign up to join your network.

If only things happened that easily!

While it’s true YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the Internet, sometimes it takes a bit of massaging to get eyeballs to your brand. Thankfully, YouTube is very versatile and adaptable to online marketing, and with one video you can do so much to promote yourself.

Here are just a few ideas to make the most of your MLM business video:

1) Embed your video into your website as an introduction to your MLM business.

2) Offer to write guest posts on relevant blogs and include your video.

3) Upload your video to your Facebook fan page.

4) Comment on relevant videos on YouTube by offering your link. You stand to promote your MLM business to a target audience.

5) Get a QR Code and put it on business cards and signage. When people scan the code with their phones, they’ll go to your MLM business video.

6) Create profiles on minor social sites like Hubpages, Squidoo, and others that have YouTube modules.

YouTube videos create many opportunities for promoting your MLM business. All you need is the time spent finding the places you can share it.

  • David Feinstein
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