Using the Right Technology to Build an E-Mail List of Prospects by Jim Dickinson

Jim DickinsonSo how do you step into email marketing, or improve on what you are already doing? What would it be like to get an email out of the blue, like this one? Dear Jim, You don’t know me, but I have been getting your email newsletters for the past few months and I have enjoyed reading them. You often have some little jewel of knowledge or something interesting to say in them. But as far as taking the next step with you and your company, the timing just hasn’t been right for me. But then you sent your last email and mentioned something that really struck a chord with me, and I think I am ready to move forward. Would you call me and answer a few more questions I have for you? Sincerely, Bob It would be awesome, wouldn’t it? Emails and phone calls like this are the result of using technology to your advantage in your business. NULL

There are many prospects out there interested and willing to receive your periodic emails that talk about things of interest to them.

These may be just “tire kickers” today, but down the road, after they get to know you from your emails, and after they have learned that you are someone who knows what they are talking about and can be trusted… THEN they will step forward and do business with you. So how do you step into email marketing, or improve on what you are already doing? The Power of Email Some people just LOVE to get email. Some even love to get SPAM (unsolicited sales messages) just because there seems to be something special about getting email. I remember when I first started using email. It was way back when all we had were 33.6 modems for getting online. I loved getting email so much I set my computer to automatically dial up and check for new messages every 30 minutes. And when I heard the modem start dialing, I am almost embarrassed to admit, I scooted right on over to the computer to watch it download email. There was always an empty disappointment when there were no new messages. Boy, gone are those days, right? Now you can’t stop the email from coming in… and for most of us, we feel a bit overwhelmed by junk mail! In a future article we can discuss ways to better manage that, but for now, we’ll just leave it at the fact that we just seem to get too much to handle. However, we still like to see messages come in from people we actually want to get email from. Email is almost instantly delivered, and we can join mailing lists, get newsletters, and join groups on a huge variety of subjects.

And getting email we WANT to get still holds some of that same excitement, even if it is toned down a bit.

Using Email to Market Your Business As you reach out to find people who might be interested in what you have to offer, you will want to collect from them their name and email address. Invite them to join your mailing list and give them a few good reasons to do it. Show them how they will benefit and then deliver on that in your emails.

In each email you send out, I recommend you offer some useful information that your readers will value.

Perhaps you can go into some brief detail about a particular feature of your product and then introduce the product at the end of your email. So if you are selling houses, you could offer some interesting information about the Builder, and perhaps something special they do that makes their home unique or better. Then introduce your property that is for sale that is built by that builder and offers that something special. If you sell an anti-oxidant product, you could tell a little about how free radicals damage your body, and then end with an introduction to your product. I was just talking to someone today who was telling me that she had a friend who was normally a quiet, shy person. But if you asked about his company’s health drink he could talk your ear off enthusiastically. Whatever your industry, if you are passionate about it, I am sure you have a pretty easy time talking about it. If there are exciting things to know, new developments, industry news, inspirational stories, almost anything you want to talk about, then you can write an email about it.

Divide up your writing into logical chunks of information, and for email, those need to be pretty small.

Most people aren’t going to want to read 4 paragraphs of your email, not to mention 12 of them. Write something interesting, brief, and open-ended so that your reader will want to learn more from you. Find good places in your email that make sense to put a link to direct your reader to your website to learn more. Find an interesting or catch subject line for each of those emails. Some of the best I have seen always include a place for the reader’s name in it, like “Jim, they’re stealing our identities” or “Jim, a special invite for you” or other similar lines. I want you to think of the subject lines as a vitally important hook to get your prospect to open your email… nothing more. It doesn’t even have to describe what your email is about, but it usually will at least lead into it. As subscribers join your mailing list, you can send them these emails you have written. You can do this by just sending out your messages to everyone on your list, one at a time, a few days or a week apart, or just whenever you have something new to say. If you do this all on your own, using your email program like Outlook or Thunderbird, then be sure to put all the email addresses in the BCC: field to keep them private. As you send out your emails, you can keep them on file and resend your best ones occasionally, or just to new people you add to your list.

As your list grows, however, this can become a very cumbersome task. You will very quickly want to find a way to get automated.

Automating and Managing Your Mailing List Managing your list of subscribers can be a challenge. However, there are lots of great services out there that make this job a snap, and most of them are in the same general ballpark in price. Of all the services I have used, Aweber seems to me to be the most user-friendly and reliable service I have used. True power comes in automating your list management such as adding new people that request it, removing people that request it, sending out automatic messages on a schedule, and sending out broadcast messages when you have something special to say. A service like this will keep track of sending out your sequence of emails, and making sure that subscribers that come and go get your emails like they are supposed to. You can even have more than 1 list, and when you do, you might have the many of the same people on different lists. Aweber will make sure that if you send out a Broadcast to all your lists it only goes out once to people who are on more than one of your lists. Email Campaigns As you build up interesting emails to send out, or if you have them already written out, you can “pre-load” your list with follow up emails that can go out on a schedule. Each time a new subscriber joins your list, those emails will begin going out to that subscriber on the schedule you set up. This is an extremely effective email marketing strategy that will result in you getting emails like the one at the top of this article. See It In Action If you are interested in seeing how one of these email campaigns work, send a blank email message to and you will begin to receive a daily email with a link to a video and attachments that will educate you on the services and business of Invisus Direct. Putting this series of emails together was pretty simple, and took me just a couple of hours total.

One of the other nice things about Aweber is that any email campaign you create that you want to share with your colleagues is easily done.

Set your series to be shared and give it a p
assword, then tell your partners what the password is and they will be able to pull those emails into their own campaigns. Using technology like this to increase sales and build stronger relationships with your customers is just smart. Don’t wait any longer, and start building a list of subscribers as soon as you can.


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