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Steve_DaileyStop the noise – create a refreshing refrain in the ear of your target customers.

I know I probably don’t have to tell you this, but I will anyway just to make sure that we are on exactly the same page for the next minute or so:

Before any customer buys anything – high dollar, low dollar, product, service, consumer or business – every single customer must have very clear in their mind the answer to the simple question: “How will what you are selling solve a problem or answer a need that is important to me?”

If you can’t or don’t answer that question – and answer it in a way that the prospect is convinced that the value received overtakes the price they pay –- no sale. The customer’s perspective on this can actually be turned into three questions that, when you craft your answers, will create a template for how to begin to build a Value Focus into your selling process.

Question 1
What specific problem or need does your product or service answer? Now I’m NOT talking about all the features and benefits blah blah blah that your marketing department generates for you to use in your selling scripts. I’m talking about value in the context of what is specific AND unique to a PARTICULAR target or customer.

Question 2
Are you absolutely convinced that the value you deliver overwhelms the price you are asking? In other words, is it easy – literally a no-brainer – for your customer to see that the value outweighs the price? If your target or client answers yes – you’ve got a sale and a long term relationship. If your client or target hesitates…wondering if maybe YOU are the one that got the good deal – then you MIGHT get a sale if you’re lucky but going back for another sale or an add-on will be uphill.

And question 3
How well do you communicate the value of your product or service?

Let me give you a hint: If you find yourself constantly negotiating price or relying on discounts in your selling process to make your numbers or sales goals – you are ineffective at either identifying or effectively communicating the unique value of your product or service.

To effectively identify your target’s motive for listening to you, you have to look at the real world of what you are competing with. It’s not just your direct competitors that are vying for your prospect’s attention. Our marketplace is saturated with marketing messages targeting the pocketbook and priorities of every consumer, executive and buyer of

any type… noise from billboards, radio and TV commercials, magazines, web sites, hold music, signs in the bathroom stall, fliers on the car windshield, door hangers, newspaper ads, inserts, perforated cards, stickers, mailers, shopping carts, buy now” buttons, t-shirts, coasters under your drink at the restaurant….I mean it is endless.

And then you come along. Big grin on your face, features and benefits collateral clutched proudly in your sweaty fingers… and a big stamp on your forehead that says “let me have some of your money… please”.

Stop the noise – create a refreshing refrain in the ear of your target customers – establish and communicate clearly a value focus… and win the selling game.

Coach Steve Dailey

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