VALUES are Where It Is At! by Barbara Pellegrino

Barbara PellegrinoWhen you can link your daily activities, your business mission and your personal mission to your highest values, you will find you will sleep well at night and wake up refreshed excited and ready to “seize the day.” I have heard many direct sellers and network marketers say that they decided to begin their various businesses to earn a few extra dollars to supplement their family income. The next reason people have for choosing this business is because of the benefit of working from home and having the flexibility to work around their children’s schedules and family priorities. Then, the next benefit of this type of work is the social impact and community service. Whether it is bringing the business opportunity to preschool groups, soccer mums, army wives or the newest growing group… single dads. Plus, to succeed in the business there is the personal empowerment personal growth aspect. NULL

Whichever way you look at it, the direct selling business fits many people’s highest values; family, financial freedom & time flexibility, providing high quality – high value products, personal service vs dealing with “machines”, community involvement, group support, leadership and much more.

That’s why its is a thriving industry and regarded now as a profession. Which of these core values do you relate to most? Health, wealth, freedom, love, safety, security, service, power, family, community, honesty, integrity, joy, happiness, success, abundance, acceptance, courage, intelligence, reliability, responsibility, wisdom, vision, vitality and the list can go on and on… How many of these values are satisfied by the work you are doing?

Studies have shown that unless you live your life according to your core values and the work you do supports these values there will not be enough success to bring you joy.

Recently I was privileged to hear “the original” Rich Dad, Keith Cunningham and he said something extremely profound! “The quality of Your life is a direct reflection of what is not negotiable.” What is not negotiable for you? If its family values and a child gets sick, there is extreme conflict about how to spend the day. Most often the business appointments get rescheduled to look after the child. So even though you started the business to support the family… it takes second place when the family needs you. These are times you juggle the “what’s important” with “what’s urgent”, part of your daily structure. That’s why many people go into overwhelm and they feel like they have been thrown a ‘curve ball.’ You will find that most people will compromise on may areas of their lives except their values! Most personal arguments or business disagreements occur because a core value has been ‘violated.’ And yet it feels like we are walking on an invisible mine field. because if we aren’t clear on what our true values are, or we aren’t aware of what the other persons values are, we don’t even know that we may have violated theirs or ours! People who are not living according to their highest values may feel: The pain to wake up one day and find that they climbed the ladder of success and got to the top of a mountain that they don’t like because the ladder was against the wrong wall. They were fulfilling someone else’s goals and dreams. That empty hollow feeling that no matter what they do and how much they have – Its never enough.

When you can link your daily activities to your highest values you will find that you have energy and passion and will achieve rocket booster success.

Your days will feel more harmonious and you will have greater satisfaction. Dr. John Demartini says that we have values shifts approximately every 10 years. As our life changes so do our priorities and what’s most important to us tends to shift. When you can link your daily activities, your business mission and your personal mission to your highest values, you will find you will sleep well at night and wake up refreshed excited and ready to “seize the day.” “Clarity leads to power” spend the time checking what has or is “not negotiable” in your life and you will find that that is one of your highest vales.

Behavior always speaks louder than theory.

2011 Barbara Pellegrino – All Rights Reserved.


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