Values – Defining Your Needs So You Can Determine Your Goals by Julie Ziglar Norman

Julie Ziglar NormanValues, whether we recognize it or not, strongly determine the direction our lives take. Values, whether we recognize it or not, strongly determine the direction our lives take.

Values are in the driver’s seat when it comes to deciding what is required for an idea to mature into a goal.

Last January I was struggling mightily with the direction I wanted to go with my career. The conflict I felt was rooted in values. I discovered that I valued my time with my family over the number of hours I spent working for my father’s company. Don’t get me wrong. I loved working with my father, motivational icon, author, and speaker, Zig Ziglar. I’d been his editor for 18 years when I knew a change was in order…and Dad was the one encouraging me. He said “Take the risk Little One. When you know that you know you can do something you need to take the risk and do it. I took a few risks in my life and they paid off real well for my family.” NULL

I’m used to working with deadlines and putting in extraordinary hours to insure a book makes it to the publisher on time. I wasn’t, however, prepared for the extreme number of hours I would be needed after my father sustained a brain injury that completely redefined both of our jobs.

Short term memory loss impacted my father’s ability to present his speeches in the fashion he was accustomed to so I was asked to assist him on stage with an interview format. I was happy to help but over time the amount of travel we did, combined with my increased job responsibilities and my own speaking engagements began to take its toll. I realized I was missing out on my grandchildren’s special events, missing quiet, alone time with my husband and falling asleep in places I shouldn’t. I was feeling all used up. So, I booked a little cabin on a lake near my home, packed the bare necessitates, the books and notebooks I would need to help direct my path, and set off for two days and nights of soul searching. I accepted the fact that I wanted to be available to my father to help him on stage and with the writing of his books. He needed me more than ever in both instances. That meant that I had to find a way to cut back on the other areas of work I was responsible for. I was focused on that process when it became apparent Dad’s health would not allow him to continue with his public speaking career. Immediately, I regained about 75 days at home, but the perceived “free time” was quickly filling up with new responsibilities and…the thought of going to work for myself and free lancing for Dad had already become a goal.

Circumstances led me to discover how much I valued my family time.

My desire to regain that time forced me to discover exactly what I needed to be, do and have to change from a salaried employee to an independent speaker/author and a freelance editor on an as need basis for my father. I found a way to meet my father’s needs and mine. I think I’ll go have a cup of coffee with my husband now. What do you value?


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