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George-MadiouWhat follows is an on-air conversation with George Madiou appearing on the Jo Ann Pflug show on Seaview Radio

Jo Ann Pflug: Veteran’s Day was yesterday, November 11th and today is November 12th. In honor of all veterans of all wars, I have invited two of my friends today in honoring veterans and sharing what they are doing to help the veterans who have fought, and so many of them have lost their lives for our freedom. With me is George Madiou, Executive Director for the non-profit organization called Business4Vets. Welcome to the Jo Ann Pflug show George. Thank you so much Jo Ann. It’s my pleasure to be here. Jo Ann: You drove all the way up from Boca. It’s a long way and I really appreciate it. How did you decide to develop an organization called Business4Vets? NULL

What we ended up finding was that the unemployment situation in general is so poor but it was very apparent that our military veterans were having a real tough time with the unemployment situation to a point where it far exceeds the general population. It’s just a shame. It’s not fair, first of all. And there are ways to combat that. So we decided instead of just talking about it we would set up the website. We’re just excited to be able to help our military veterans. Jo Ann: What qualifies someone… any war? Any age? Any particular branch of the military… the army, the marines, the air force? We work with any veteran of any age. As a matter of fact we end up working with the spouses of our active duty military because they too are, unfortunately, often living at the poverty level. Again, that should not be. Jo Ann: No, it should not be. There is a special type of person that you meet that goes into the military. They are so patriotic, so dedicated, so focused, the majority of them that I have met through the years. And it always seems horrible that people don’t honor them or they can’t find work. Wait a second… you just said something. Let’s talk about that.

You just said they are dedicated, they are focused… and guess what Jo Ann, that’s what makes them such a great person to have in your organization.

Jo Ann: Sure, because they’re loyal and focused. See? I just played into it! Well, I’m speaking the truth from my heart of how I feel. Now, what is the biggest problem you have now with the vets? What we’re seeing is that this unemployment and underemployment situation, you know, those men and women that end up taking a job at 7-11 working the night shift, when you look at that group as a whole, unfortunately what we end up seeing that it’s over 30% of the military vets. With the general population it’s around 9% unemployment. We’re talking about our military vets that are unemployed or underemployed. This is a real issue that isn’t getting enough play! Jo Ann: Where do you look to find the jobs for them? What we do at Business4Vets is not offer jobs. What we do is sharing an alternative to finding a job that they are not going to be really excited about. What we look to do is we look for those interested in self-employment through business ownership. We find that there is no glass ceiling when you end up having your own business. What we’ve done is partnered with a variety of companies and businesses that are looking for dedicated, hard working, focused individuals to start their own business. We choose those businesses based on the fact that they have a track to run on. At we have the ability to teach and train somebody to have their own business. What we also do is team them up with business opportunities that also provide a track to run on. What that does is heighten the likelihood of enormous success.

Through our training and the training from our business partners, a veteran can come and explore a number of different business opportunities. We’re growing the number of opportunities every single week.

Jo Ann: Give me an example of what one of those business opportunities might be. We’ve recently partnered with a company called LifeWave. LifeWave is a company that uses alternative treatments for pain, for sleeplessness, for lack of energy, for appetite suppressant. Instead of pharmaceuticals they have patches that you would put on acupuncture points on the body. What we liked about it is that the product is so effective and it’s very synergistic to the needs of our veterans. There is a Vietnam Vet who stepped on a landmine over thirty years ago. He has had dozens of operations and has been in pain for most of those years. He uses the LifeWave products and finally has relief from his pain. So he gets involved in the company. He gets personal benefits from the products AND he also has many connections to other vets experiencing similar things and he can help them. So what we do is start them with a distributorship for this product. Jo Ann: And you have other products? We have a dozen companies each with a different product line. And that’s the nice thing about it. We have such a wide variety of products and services that a veteran can take a look at the products and the business partners we’ve teamed up with by going onto the website and finding one that will be the best fit for them. By clicking on the logos for each company, they can go to their landing pages and learn more about what each company offers.

This is an alternative to employment in the traditional sense. The nice thing about it is we find with so many veterans that they not only can support their family but do something they enjoy and can do it in their time.

Jo Ann: That’s wonderful! This is Jo Ann Pflug and we just had a very interesting talk with George Madiou with the non-profit organization and how it’s helping vets get opportunities to be employed… self employed. Let’s sum up here. Is there a cost at all? There is no cost with us. They simply go to Leave their name and email address and they will get a weekly newsletter from us. They will be invited to webinars to teach them about some of the opportunities that are available to them. They are not pestered. They’re not pestered by us, our business partners or anyone else. If they discover they are interested in a particular business partner or opportunity they can request to be contacted right from the landing page of the company that most interests them.

It’s a highly educational process and very exciting for them.

Jo Ann: Well this is a wonderful opportunity. I want to congratulate you for starting something like this George. Thank you for coming on board and sharing what you have with us today. I encourage you, if you’re looking for work and you’re a vet to go to I’m sure you can get involved with, make money and meet a lot of very interesting people and help others! Alright George, thank you for coming in today. Thank you for having me, Jo Ann. Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder


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