‘Victim to Victory’ Podcast by Stacey Hall

In this interview with Tracey Cook on her ‘Victim to Victory’ Podcast, I celebrate the courageous attitude of the Authors, who contributed to The Power of YES book series. 

The series shot up to #1 in 4 Countries because each book is filled with insightful first-hand stories of how their attitude helped them triumph over troubles and tragedies to achieve sales, satisfaction, and success in the Network Marketing industry. 

I celebrate with them ….

*having career/life balance with plenty of time to give to all their priorities, especially personal and family needs.

*working together with inspiring people to achieve the same goals

*earning an income while making a positive difference in the lives of others

They have found a powerful way to live life on their own terms! And all these Authors agree that the potential for a fun and balanced lifestyle as a Network Marketer is unlimited!

Stacey Hall
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