Visualize Your Way to Success by RS Mallory

RSMalloryBE a Don Quixote but plant those windmills, one by one on the landscape of your mind and bring them into your reality by taking action! Albert Einstein, Andrew Carnegie, Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Jack Welch, John F Kennedy, Rosa Parks, had one thing in common; they were all Visionaries! Why not you?

Contrary to public opinion, it is not difficult to be a practicing Visionary, although you must cultivate a few skills, take action daily and never, ever be willing to give up your dreams!

~~ Write down your goals and define them with laser accuracy so that you will be able to bring them to life with your four (4) senses using smell, sight, sound and taste! ~~ Create full descriptions of how you will FEEL and what your life will LOOK LIKE once you have attained a particular goal. ~~ Don’t be afraid to embellish, edit and add to your goals, and incorporate them into the steps above. NULL

~~ BELIEVE that you are DESERVING of your success. Without a profound belief in yourself and your ability to attract that success, it cannot and will not be achieved. ~~ Learn how to Visualize. Most humans think in pictures. Earliest signs of Man reveal glyphs of one sort or another. Lines and curves scratched on stone, Hieroglyphics etched on tables of stone , and cave paintings all using pictures ~ Man’s earliest form of communication. ~~ Practice some type of meditation or find a quiet space to bring your pictures alive, in surround sound, using your senses, DAILY. Allow your feelings to interact with your visions and become part of them. ~~ Find a way to utilize music, color, art, nature, a loved one, or even pets as a Trigger to bring your vision to life. Use those triggers frequently, each and every day. The Legends of Success mentioned above each had dreams for Themselves AND for Humanity. Each found ways to incorporate the steps to breath life into their dreams and goals. They each had an unbending belief in themselves and their endeavors, acted on those beliefs with appropriate behaviors and activities, and embraced the knowledge that they WOULD succeed with an unwavering desire and inner drive that propelled them into their futures. They each developed and implemented a personal skill set that allowed them to flourish and attain their goals and dreams. Edison “plugged into The Universe” and his subconscious each day with a nap to help create his inventions, Jack Welch used his talent for discerning waste and eliminating it to the immense benefit of General Electric. Teddy Roosevelt, as a Great President and Naturalist used his knowledge and love of Nature to carve a future for America, Rosa Parks used her belief in herself and a dream of her own equality to make a stand and take a bus ride, and John F Kennedy took us to the Moon with his belief in humanity and mankind.

Dreams become reality when we believe in them, take the correct repetitive action and learn how to embrace and utilize the opportunities that present themselves that might aid us in our quest!

Each of these people had a dream and a secret; they knew that if their dreams would benefit and help others they would be most powerful! The Universe is listening, ladies and gentlemen, and she is an electrical unit that picks up the wavelengths of your thoughts. Make sure that your belief in yourself and your dreams are unflappable. Make sure that you take action and the steps that will bring you closer and closer, each and every day to your desired goals and dreams. Make sure that you build a support system for yourself that will carry you through on your journey to success, NO MATTER WHAT. Make sure that whatever your goals, that they contribute to the well-being of others for when we help others on their journey, they most often become the resource that help us attain those goals and dreams!

BE a Don Quixote but plant those windmills, one by one on the landscape of your mind and bring them into your reality by taking action!

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