Wake Up to Social Networking Prosperity! by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxOne of the best MLM resources available to anyone in the MLM industry is a mentor. Social networking is the tool for the next century; our prospects and the way we move product is being defined by each one of us now! There a variety of means to use social networking as a tool for our business. The importance of this tool to our business is in more demand than any other means. On the social network sites, our presence is directly affected even though we use “sound bites” to get our message from one zone to another. There are plenty of incorrect ways of using social media sites but let us take a look at the social media usage. How many hours a day are you pushing your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others? Do you only advertise your business or products? As a networker, we should not put a nail in our foot. I have seen plenty of members only push their products, a little re-education is needed. People will spam and slam content that is not beneficial in nature to them. NULL

How are you handling your social media interaction? Take a note and go social on these sites,

put down the “I need sales now” attitude and use “I want a stronger network” attitude. The difference between these attitudes is the way that we develop content to attract and to cause interest.

We have to cause interest into our products and memberships; there is no natural attraction to our business. So if you push product sales and recruiting to the edge too much, you will have a flare out and a plate of frustration pie. Let’s avoid this dark meal and strive to present our information that is digestible in a social environment.

We should focus on creating content that is powerful and engaging, while being honest and teasing to the mind. Don’t cover up that fact that you have a good opportunity but use engaging lines for the promotional aspect.

Tweet or status updates a few times a day, interact with other people throughout and build up a conversation. Hard sales are time wasters, let’s face it; they are good for the immediate needs but for long term they don’t help. We have to spend our precious time on the social media sites to create the long term sales, and always take the hard sales but you want long term consumers and new members. Some techniques work better for certain situation and energizing your content is great but I do believe that we could turn it down on every tweet that we do. We should use a calm energy that is steady rather than a short fused passionate one.

Social media networks will get bogged down with sales oriented content, rise above this and focus on the audience, not your pocket book.

Get in the right frame of mind and your pocket book will grow, deliver content that is not filler. Give your network something to consider, if you want to establish your business. This means that your content cannot be generic, unshakable and sales oriented all the time.


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