Want to build a Great Team? Go Fish and bring a Friend. By John Hackett EdD

Want to build a Great Team? Go Fish and bring a Friend.

This month’s topic for the Network Marketing Magazine is teamwork.

Here we are as a Network Marketer or Direct seller, Near the end or maybe in my wife’s company the halfway point of the fiscal year.Where you are satisfied with whatever measure of success you use, you know one thing for sure. Your results as a leader, good,bad or indifferent are a result of teamwork

Teamwork is the key to all we do in any organization and is especially true in a network marketing or a direct sales organization. John Maxwell says it well. Good Leadership is about advancing your team. Mark Miller, Author and Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness, at Chick-fil-A, says the primary job of a leader is to raise people up and get things done. Network marketers and Direct seller lead teams.Mary Kay Ash reminded us in many a seminar or leadership conference that

“teamwork makes the dreamwork.”

Many leaders will say I get the teamwork part help me with how do we develop an effective high performing team? I would suggest you go Fish with a friend. A look at Seattle’s Pike’s Fish Market is a great place to illustrate how to develop teamwork by going fishing with a friend.

The Pike Place Fish Market was founded in 1930.It was a small local fishmonger market in the Washington Place Market John Yokoyama an employee bought the market in 1965. Pike’s Place Fish Market was experiencing declining sales, and by 1986 on the verge of bankruptcy, John had six employees and was considering closing when he was approached by a business consultant and coach Jim Bergquist. Bergquist had an idea to save and revitalize the Pike Place fish market using ideas from the team. In one of the meetings, one of the team said they should become “World Famous.”

They came up with four underlying themes that they committed to and work on daily.

These four themes are now known as the FISH philosophy

1. Choose Your Attitude. We always have a choice and our choices do define who we are. Another crucial component is that all members of the team can choose to coach each other with the intention of helping each other get better.

2. Play. Take the business seriously just do not take yourself so seriously. Laugh and have some fun. Pike Place Fish Market is World Famous for having fun and throwing fish and building a great team.

3. Make someone’s day. You can make someone’s day by a smile, sending a thank you note or throwing fish around as they do at the Pike Place Fish Market

4. Be Present. Focus on the team member or customer in front of you as they are the most important person in the world at that moment. Interestingly a recent Stanford University study noted that the #1 job skill for the 21st century is being present, paying attention.

The results have been nothing short of tremendous and unexpected.

John, with a friend, coach Jim, has seen The Pike place Fish Market become “World Famous” an internationally thriving growing business today with excellent sales and a team of 21 and about 10,000 Visitors a day. The other outstanding impact has been on a business worldwide who have adopted the Fish Philosophy as portrayed in FISH By Stephen Lundin in 2000. John and his team members have presented to many companies on their team-building work on the FISH philosophy.

John has retired selling Pike Place Fish Market to 4 former or current managers. The tradition will continue at thePike Place Fish Market.
How about you and your team? What is keeping you from finding a friend, coach, and using the FISH philosophy to grow and expand your team. After all the choice is yours.
Do you want to know more about the Pike Place Fish Market and the development of the FISH philosophy click here Inspiration Management FISH

Eyal,Nir, Stanford Psychology expert: This is the No. 1 work skill of the future—but most fail to realize it. Success Magazine Oct 9, 2019
Lundin, Stephan, Paul H, Christensen J. Fish; A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results. New York, NY, Hyperion, Inc.


John Hackett

   John Hackett, Ed. D is an accomplished and experienced coach, trainer, writer, and leader in a variety of educational and other nonprofit and direct sales settings. He has 48 years of professional experience. He has trained, coached, and consulted with school districts, universities, social service agencies, and churches and direct sales organizations, police departments and law firms.

He is a growing, learning entrepreneur in coaching and training who is passionate about equipping leaders to develop other leaders to serve.

 He has been married for 42 years to Becki, a 41-year entrepreneur and had three daughters and two grandsons. John is also a long-distance, open water swimmer and auquabike triathlon competitor
John is a certified trainer and coach with the Direct Selling World Alliance. John is the Director of Coach training with the FUSEBusiness Training group and a member of the John Maxwell Team.

He can be contacted to provide training coaching or consulting at either
Dswa.org  Facebook.com/theDSWA
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815 690 7444
John Hackett
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