“Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink!” by RS Mallory

RSMalloryRemember, you already are everything you want to be (including a Leader) if you Take Action (master the five points) and allow yourself to BECOME and Grow.  Leadership is NOT elusive, however not EVERYONE is a “natural born” Leader, especially in the MLM, Network Marketing industry. Contrary to public opinion, leaders are not grown on trees and are not under every bush, so don’t believe that you can SAY you are a leader and BE one right away. Be careful in selecting a Sponsor/Leader because there are a plethora of “the everyman” who set themselves up as “”a Leader””.

Leadership is a Skill and an Art.

It requires ACTION on the part of the person who wants to attain Leadership. It requires that you understand and believe in The Laws of Intention, Attraction and Take Action. So, what actions do we need to take to become or grow a leader? NULL  *Embark on a Personal Development (GROWTH) program *Start a Master Mind Group *Get a Mentor *Learn as much as you can about YOUR PERSONAL GOALS

*Make sure that you are a Compassionate Marketer at heart and know and understand that achievement and Leadership requires that you PUT THE OTHER PERSON FIRST!

When you instill belief in others, and they look towards you for help and guidance you know that you are on the right track towards Leadership. Don’t forget, helping others attain THEIR goals and dreams is the first rule of Leadership. You will attract people seemingly from nowhere once you start implementing this first tenant of Leadership and people will CHOOSE to become associated with and work with you, knowing that you will put THEIR success before your own. The Secret is, was and will ALWAYS BE that Leaders know that by putting their teams’ goals (or prospects goals) before their own, they will achieve their own success many times over. Remember, you already are everything you want to be (including a Leader) if you Take Action (master the five points above) and allow yourself to BECOME and Grow. Embrace The Laws of Intention and Attraction and invite them into your life and allow them to direct you in your endeavor to BE a Leader and help others achieve their goals and dreams. RS Mallory


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