We Are Doing Something About This… Play To Win! By George Madiou

This Month’s Issue of The Network Marketing Magazine is about, Are you playing to win or are you playing not to lose?

I would like to go deeper into this and share one of the largest projects that I ever considered and committed to in my 50-year career. This is a project that involves the best business I have ever been involved in, out of 36 businesses that I have owned.

I am talking about the network marketing career.

In almost 3 decades of involvement in network marketing, as an entrepreneur, who has found network marketing and has fallen in love with this business concept, it’s not without its blemishes. Some of these blemishes are darn right bad for the people who want to be involved in this type of business.

There is so much that is right about this profession. We refuse to through up our hands and do nothing about what is wrong and give in to the people who have been giving network marketing a bad name.

It’s time to take back network marketing!

Wow George, how can one person take on such a monumental project? No one person can. But a team of like-minded world leaders, working as an unbeatable team, given enough time and talent, can and will.

This team will move the needle of success in their worldwide organizations. I’m not talking about the entire industry, I’m not saying that we are going to change the mindset of 70% of the people who think they bought a network marketing Lottery Ticket. I’m referring to the 27% of networkers who are willing to learn the skill sets that have been taught by those who teach the wisdom of the ages in network marketing.

This is what I perceive “playing to win” and taking back this great profession is all about.

Allow me to explain this project a little further.

This program is not for everyone but everyone knows a leader that fits the description of a team member we are looking for. Pass this article on to them and ask them to call me!

How would you like to be a part of the Team Effecting Change In Network Marketing Worldwide?

I’m proposing this personal invitation to a handful of special leaders and influencers in our profession who believe that network marketing can be one of the best opportunities if it is done correctly. Leaders who believe that this is a real business and not a get-rich-quick scheme.

There are too many people who enter this great industry and leave in 60 or 90 days. Too many stay and only earn a “hobby” income. We have realized there are 27% of the industry that are willing to stick it out and put in the time. These people are willing to learn the skill sets and acquire the knowledge that has been taught by the successful proven leaders and who teach others the proven wisdom of the ages. We at The Network Marketing Magazine are not satisfied, having this group of 27%ers join the ranks of the 97% that don’t make significant money and some who even fail.

In the last 17 years, we have been blessed to become more than a magazine, we have also become the premier network marketing training resource, teaming up with the best of the best.

We have met and collaborated with the best that this profession has to offer and will continue to do so using cutting-edge technology, and expert teachers and trainers teaching every success principle necessary for financial success. We are looking to effect change among the 27% of the networkers that are willing to do what it takes to be financially successful.

We are looking to partner up with a consequential number of worldwide leaders. These leaders will join us in helping to bring our profession to a higher level of success and admiration.

We are looking to create a Team Effecting Change In Network Marketing Worldwide.

This goal is bigger than any one person or organization. With a significant number of worldwide leaders working together, we will be able to make a meaningful and noteworthy change in our great profession. We are asking leaders to join this effort and recommend others that we might not know but who are of like mind. With this team, our target is to affect 1 million networkers (27%ers) worldwide in 36 months, getting them on a path to personal financial success, in their individual businesses.

How does it work, what are the benefits of being a world leader lifetime member, and is there a cost?

1. Lifetime membership to The Network Marketing Magazine

2. Reduced attrition and improved participation/revenue increase from downline members

3. Ability to be seen as an industry leader/ trainer/ expert

  • The satisfaction of being on a team that affects change in an entire industry.
  • Helping more people worldwide than you could have ever imagined doing by yourself.
  • Listing and recognition in the Exclusive World Leader Group.
  • Invited to be a TNMM World Leader contributor to The Network Marketing Magazine.

4. Member of the month in the magazine

5. Brainstorming input on the editorial calendar

6. Inscribed book by George Madiou Breaking Through

7. Rubbing elbows with other leaders 4x / year:  Summit

8. Russ DeVan Success by Design weekend training for their group (value – $1000.00+)

9. Stacey Hall Go For YES weekend training for their group (value – $1000.00+)

10.  Hall of Fame section every month in magazine / and in our Virtual Meeting platform

11. Featured guest on The George Madiou Show (an hour-long live video podcast) to shine a light on you! Check out www.MyVault.Rocks

12.  The Power of YES book

13.  Chi-To-Be Materials. Workbook, audio programs

What is the investment?

This special TNMM World Leader membership will be a one time $1,000 investment or 3 payments of $397.00

  • You will earn a 50% ($500) affiliate commission for you or the charity of your choice, on this TNMM World Leader project for anyone you bring into the TNMM World Leader group as one of our TNMM World Leaders (with Board approval)
  • The other 50% of the $1,000 fee ($500) will be used directly to fund this worldwide project.
  • Only the TNMM World Leader members will have access to participate in the TNMM private affiliate program.
  • 15% affiliate referral commission on the net of all other training programs, TNMM & our World Leaders members
  • 15% affiliate referral commission on TNMM monthly & annual memberships, https://thenetworkmarketingmagazine.com/tnmm-9/)

Join now!

If you have any questions call me and let’s talk and continue to improve our profession together!

Best wishes my friend.

George Madiou

CEO and Founder

The Network Marketing Magazine



George Madiou
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