“We Didn’t Start to Quit.”What is Your Mindset in Difficult Times? By John Hackett

“We Didn’t Start to Quit.”What is Your Mindset in Difficult Times?

This months topic for the Network Marketing Magazine  is “Don’t Quit”

A tremendously appropriate topic for the 14th-anniversary edition of the Network Marketing Magazine!

Congratulations and thank you  George Madiou and colleagues on 14 successful years of publication for the Network Marketing Magazine. You and your team have developed an effective forum to support and encourage and equip network marketers. Thank you for your efforts in reaching out to over 200,000 network marketers in 123 countries. Network marketing can be a lonely business, and this magazine is a tremendous resource.

In any new business venture, there are good times, bad times and real frustration and learnings. The success or failure is often the product of intentional choices about our beliefs of ourselves, others and our view of the world.

Dr.Carol Dweck refers to this as Mindset. In her 2006 book, Mindset, she sets forth a deceptively simple but effective theory called Mindset theory. She states there are two types of mindsets. A Growth Mindset is  based on a set of beliefs of growth by choice to intentionally learn to be curious and choose to grow by learning from failure always looking forward. A Fixed Mindset is based set of beliefs geared to believe everything our possibilities, our friends, the market is fixed. Mistakes are a sign of personal failure. Our mindest becomes crystal clear in challenging times The great news is that we can intentionally choose to our change our mindset.

I submit if we look at the development and growth of this magazine it is a model of intentionally choosing a growth mindset.

Here are  7 mindset  questions and lessons we can address learn from  and apply to our situation

1. What is your mindset about your venture? Please note  George’s quote from the title “We Didn’t start to Quit”  reflects his and his teams intentional choice of a  growth mindset about this magazine. Your Mindset I,your view of the world, people possibilities and even yourself are subject to your intentional choices.

  1. What is your mindset about your Why? The why of the network Marketing magazine appears clear to me to reach out to, support and encourage and equip network marketers. What is your why? If you need to clarify with this concept click here Simon Sinek on the Why

  2. What is your mindset about How do you handle Naysayer? They didn’t affect George and his associates from moving forward.My bet is they are raving fans today. How will you move forward?

  3. What is your mindset about Who are your supporters? Notice George’s quote again .”We didn’t start to quit “ Please note he does not use I he uses We. We never succeed alone. Our supporters bring many things to any effort. A growth mindset leads to humbly seeking out those to support you and add to your knowledge base to support you to success. Consider the many authors who write for this magazine.

  4. What is your mindset about Are you humble enough to reach out to others for expertise or do you have to be the “expert” George’s magazine utilizes subject matter experts from many fields to provide many different points of view to support encourage and equip.

  5. What is your mindset about working hard to intentionally choose to develop yourself and those you work with and serve? I have seen this in George and his teams’ constant work to learn and grow to serve you as readers and those of us who write for the magazine as well. What specific actions can you take to change your mindset if needed, and add value to those around you?

  6. What is your mindset about taking time to reflect on what steps you are taking to be successful? I am sure that George and his associates using a growth mindset, take time to pause and reflect on where the magazine is at and where they want to go. Do you have a growth mindset and reflect on how you can grow learn and move? Start today, Take what Jim Collins in Good To Great” would call a brutally honest appraisal of your mindset to the questions and learnings above. If you need a nudge look at the cartoon below.

You have control of your mindset. You are intentionally choosing a growth mindset that will affect you and all around you. I can honestly say that writing on many topics for several years at George’s encourage has been a great source of learning and growth for me

Work on developing that growth Mindset, and it will be you who will be you saying We Didn’t Start to Quit”


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John Hackett
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