We live in a different digital world than the one we grew up in. By Kevin Vincent

We live in a different digital world than the one we grew up in. 

It’s now the YouTube and Tik-Tok generation.

Kids as young as 9 or 10 now understand and embrace personal branding. 

In the meantime, their day-to-day lives are being “gamified”. 

Fields like education, health care, and manufacturing are scrambling to implement technology that “the kids”, who are in school today, can relate to. 

Young people are learning differently than all the generations that preceded them – dating all the way back to the baby boomers. 

Colleges and universities are pouring millions into virtual and augmented reality projects and programs. 

And today’s entrepreneurs are also daring to be different. 

Here’s the good news, when it comes to network marketing, a Canadian company has come up with a global solution that kids young and old can get excited about. 

Enter Stuart Gray. “As a former Company President and leader in the direct sales industry, I am intimately familiar with the frustration that distributors encounter every day,” said Gray, President, and co-founder of Kelowna British Columbia-based Utopia VR.

Gray’s global company of software engineers and designers has pioneered an exclusive first-to-market metaverse platform that has caught the attention of The Network Marketing Magazine publisher George Madiou and industry leaders like Russ DeVan. 

 What Stewart’s company has created is a game-changer.

This is not just another “me too” product that everyone else is trying to bring to market. This is a learning, training, and sales tool, that will captivate this generation of network marketing professionals (and also some of the forward-thinking older networkers.) This technology will effectively embrace the change in how we do business today, and in the future. This, is needed in our profession today, said Madiou.  

It’s a web-based virtual reality platform that doesn’t require a heavy or cumbersome virtual reality headset.

   Wait. How is that possible? 

“Utopia VR has pioneered a simple URL-based solution for the distributor to build their business by leveraging disruptive Metaverse technology. A distributor can showcase their products and/or services, recruit and conduct team meetings using our all-in-one virtual 3D platform,” said Gray.

How does it work?

The click of a mouse or the tap of a finger. 

Using any internet-connected device, a distributor can invite guests, team members, and upline leaders to live, online events in virtual company-branded environments that resemble the real world. 

“Utopia VR is the most innovative and disruptive technology for Network Marketing since the mobile phone was invented,” said Gray. ”If you are still using Zoom or Microsoft Teams you are already behind the curve.”

 Developed by Gray and a team of award-winning software engineers who previously contributed to the creation of Skype, Utopia VR is now light years ahead of other companies hoping to put their mark in the web-based metaverse marketplace. 

“We stand alone,” said Vice-President Kevin Vincent, a veteran network marketer who helped battle-test some of the technology that drove network marketing’s growth in the 1990’s and 2000’s. 

“We know the day-to-day grind of networking. Make a list, invite, present, showcase the products, share the comp plan, enroll and train. The problem with today’s internet environment is that distributors have to “platform-hop” from company websites to Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, and a host of other methods all to enroll one new distributor or customer. Utopia VR solves that chaos with one URL that mirrors the real-world business-building methods we know as “in-homes” that distributors are encouraged to execute,” added Vincent. 

 “It’s clear that the distributors of tomorrow won’t tolerate platform-hopping and their appetite for Zoom-like meetings is shrinking daily,” Vincent said.

Why? “They’ve gone through the pandemic taking classes by Zoom or Microsoft Teams and they’ve watched their parents, working remotely from home, exposed to “Zoom fatigue”, a term coined during the pandemic to describe how remote workers became exhausted staring at screens with non-stop, back to back meetings,” said Dave Martin, Utopia VR’s Director of Global Operations.     

 Stuart Gray takes it a step further. “Utopia VR’s, virtual web-based platform enables a network marketer to leverage their time, have professional business presentations, and create a wow factor that’s been missing in the industry for a long time.

“Companies and direct sales agents are looking for solutions to communicate and train,” adds Gray. “Utopia VR offers a web-based technology platform that allows people to host or participate in a virtual meeting from anywhere in the world simply by clicking a unique web link. And since Utopia VR can be used on a mobile device, it’s an incredible sales and marketing tool.  Simply share your unique VRoom links by text, email, or by posting on any social media platform.”

George Madiou also likes that a company, or an individual, can have pre-made presentations. He said,

“One of the issues in our business today is compliance. When a company puts out a company-approved message, it’s best for the networker, the company, and the consumer…… All in an effective and fun presentation tool.”

Martin, a 25-year veteran of network marketing himself, says there is finally a place to bring your team where everyone has all the resources they need to build a business.

 “It’s an all-encompassing place. A distributor gets to decide how it serves their goals and their dreams.”

The platform allows a distributor to fully customize, or brand their surroundings and let a little fun be injected at the same time. 

Tired of meetings in a living room or the local hotel conference center?

Why not hold your next meeting on a virtual beach? 

Or a yacht? 

“Team building isn’t all business,” said Martin.  “With Utopia VR you can let a little fun drive your success.”

With Utopia VR’s fully-integrated iPhone app (the Android version is available any day now), distributors can schedule meetings on the fly in seconds. 

Gray says Utopia VR is poised to work directly with any network marketing company at a corporate level, or with individual distributors or teams in the field. 

“There are incredible advantages to both,” Gray adds. “Our senior executive team has more than a century of combined network marketing experience and expertise. We know that individual companies are brand-conscious and our platform can be adapted to any market, in any language, and accessible to anyone who has access to the internet.

There’s no hardware to buy and no software to download. It’s the simplest way to reach the next generation of network marketers for decades to come.”

            If you or your company wants a customized private tour – email demo@utopiavr.com and the team at Utopia VR will accommodate your schedule. 

Kevin Vincent
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