Are you sitting down? Good, move your chair in a bit closer.

I want to share something with you that can change your life…Quickly.

Let me ask you…Would you pay $4,000 to get one million?

Well, that’s essentially what I did.  I paid $4,000 to start a business when I was making $1.67 an hour and had $9 in the bank. It was a huge risk, and it took losing my home, two cars, and all my worldly possessions to turn that investment into a multi-million dollar business.

In fact, since then, I’ve created several multi-million dollar businesses using the same strategies that I’m going to share with you in this article.

What i discovered first was that when you invest more in yourself and your future, you receive far more in return.

Looking back, that $4,000 investment was really an investment in me and the experiences I gained that first year in business. I’ve also learned that everybody, me included, needs a mentor. Someone you can go to for answers when you need it the most. Someone who’s already done what you want to do.

Often times we won’t value free advice, but when we’ve got to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for help, we’ll pay attention like it’s nobody’s business.

Again, if you are going to take advice from anyone, free or otherwise, make sure it is coming from someone that’s been where you are and has attained a level of success where you aspire to be.

I’d invested $4,000 that I had to go to 23 loan companies to get, and when I found myself a year later floundering, out of cash, and nearly out of a place to live, you can believe that I took the advice of someone who’d been where I was and was where I wanted to be.

Had I not been in such dire straits, maybe I wouldn’t have even listened, but I needed answers and fast.

The advice of my mentor – savior, really – was what turned me from a broke failure into a millionaire in less than 12 months. He gave me six things to do that changed everything for me.

  1. You have to start thinking like a wealthy unstoppable person. He said that wealthy people think differently.

  2. Wealthy people make decisions that doesn’t allow for retreat. He said that if you want to be successful then failure can’t be an option.

  3. You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and endure the pain of changing.

  4. In order to have something different than what you have now, you must become someone different.

  5. Nobody has all the answers. Surround yourself with people that will support you. Find a mentor.

  6. You have to be bold and take decisive action daily toward your objective…no matter what.

So, let me expand upon a few points with what I’ve learned over the years

Think like a wealthy, unstoppable, person:

Think like superman! I want you to start thinking like you are superman. Sounds crazy, right? Well it’s not. It’s powerful and here’s why.

How you think will change your life. Wealthy people think differently. They really do. And anyone can learn to think like the wealthy. I’m not talking about positive thinking or motivation. Let’s get real. None of that stuff works anyway. I’m talking about thinking based in quantum physics science. Once you understand and apply it, it will change your life. You will become unstoppable.

If there was any person, fictional or real, whose qualities you could instantly possess, who would that person be? Think about it.

I would say that “superman” would be the perfect person. Now you are probably thinking I have lost it right? Just stick with me here. I think you will like what you are about to hear.

Superman is a fictional super hero widely considered to be one of the most famous and popular action hero’s and an American cultural icon.

I remember watching superman every Saturday morning when I was a kid. I couldn’t get enough. I dreamed of being a superman, to the point of tying a large towel around my neck and jumping off a 15-foot high barn roof!

Now, for all you females, don’t worry we have not left you out. There is also a female version of superman named superwoman. She has the same powers as superman.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Let’s first look at the qualities that superman/superwoman possess, that you want to make yours. And to make it simple, I will refer to “superman” for the rest of this article, and you can replace with “superwoman” if you are of the female gender.

Superman is powerful and fearless.

Superman is indestructible.

Superman is virtually indestructible except for kryptonite of course.

Superman can stop bullets.

Superman has supernatural powers. He can see through walls.

Superman can stop a speeding locomotive.

Superman jumps into immediate action when troubles arise.

Superman can crash through barriers.

Superman can even change clothes in a phone booth in seconds. (I know. What’s a phone booth?)

So you’re thinking right now, “Ok, I know that superman has incredible supernatural powers, how can that help me?” What good will it do me to think I am superman?

Here is where science comes in. This is the part where you will be amazed when you learn about the supernatural powers “you” already possess!

Your brain makes certain chemicals called neuro peptides. These are literally the molecules of emotion, like love, fear, joy, passion and so on. These molecules of emotion are not only contained in your brain they actually circulate throughout your cellular structure. They send out a signal…a frequency much like a radio station sending out a signal. For example, you tune to 92.5 and you get jazz. Tune to 99.6 and you get rock.

The difference is that your signal goes both ways. You are a sender and a receiver. You put out a signal of success and the people and circumstances show up to support your success. Put out a signal of doubt and uncertainty and you receive support for that.

You’ve been around someone that you didn’t trust or you felt less than positive just being in their presence, right? You have also been around people that inspire you. That’s what I’m talking about.

Anyway, the amazing part about these cells of emotion is that they are intelligent. They are thinking cells. These cells are constantly eavesdropping on the conversation that you are having with yourself.

That’s right. They are listening to you! And others are listening to your cells as well.

Your unconscious mind, your cells, are listening in, waiting to adjust your behavior based on what they hear from you…their master. So just imagine what would happen if you started to think like superman…or started to think like a millionaire!

Here are some of the thoughts you might have during the day:

” The challenges I face day to day are easily overcome, after all I am superman.”

“I am indestructible”

“I have incredible strength.”

“Nothing can stop me…nothing.”

“I have supernatural powers and can overcome anything.”

“I can accomplish anything I want when I put my mind to it”

“I can break through any barrier.”

“I can and I will do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal.”

“I fear nothing”

The trillions of thinking cells in your body and brain listen, and they create exactly what you tell them to create. Their mission is to complete the picture of the “you” that they see when they hear you talking to them. They must obey. It’s their job!

Since you are “superman” you cannot fail. Why? Your thinking cells are now sending out the right signal because you told them to. They are making you stronger every day! You have the ability to fight off all negativity, doubt, fear, worry…nothing can stop you.

Superman has total confidence. So, your cells of emotion relating to confidence will now create more neuro peptide chemicals that promote feelings of power and confidence.

Superman is fearless so your cells of the emotion relating to fear will now create more neuro peptide chemicals that create feelings of courage. You are unstoppable.

And here’s the key. Others will respond to you in the same way that you are talking to yourself. If you are confident, others will have confidence in you.

We have thousands of thoughts every day. Make sure your thoughts are leading you in the direction you want to go.

Most have been conditioned to think that creating wealth is difficult, or that it’s only for the lucky few. What do you believe? It doesn’t cost you any more to think like superman…and it’s much more inspiring!

Here’s the next step to wealth.

Make a firm decision to become wealthy.…one that doesn’t allow for anything less. Mediocrity cannot be an option if you decide to become wealthy. A decision creates a mindset, and a mindset influences how you think and show up.

It’s surprising how many people don’t like to make decisions. They do all sorts of things to keep the moment of decision at arms-length.

They gather more data,

They get organized

They have to get everything perfect

They want to get other’s opinions,

They avoid the decision,

They worry about the resources needed to pull off the decision.

Or, they hope they’ll just get lucky and make the money they need without making a decision.

If you want to become wealthy, you have to make a decision to become wealthy. Without it there is no foundation to build upon and your thinking cells are working against you.

Remember, you can’t create something that you’re not in harmony with.

Don’t worry about the resources needed to pull off the decision. Make the decision first and the ways and means will appear.

And you can’t let those old habit patterns kick in either. “Wait a minute! What makes you think you have the talent to become wealthy?’ “I’ve never done it before! Maybe I really can’t become wealthy.” “I don’t have the time, money, etc. To become wealthy.”

None of that matters anymore…after all you are superman and you can accomplish anything.

Now the hard part. The next step to wealth.

You have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. In order to have something different than what you have now, you must become someone different.

If you are comfortable, you are not growing. If you want wealth, you have to stretch yourself. You have to do the things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do.

Maybe you are uncomfortable selling and asking for money. If that’s the case, then learn sales and learn to ask for the money every day until you feel comfortable asking for it. You will never have money if you don’t learn to ask for it. And it’s not going to happen if you’re not ready to step out of your comfort zone and stretch.

Before going any further, I would urge you to stop right now and take a realistic look at your last five years. Have you truly made progress?

Are the last five years what you wanted? Are you where you thought you’d be today? And, most importantly, do you have a solid plan for the next five?

It is absolutely essential to have a crystal clear picture of what you want to accomplish before you begin.  If you want to attain wealth you must learn to operate without fear and with a sharply defined mental image of the outcome you want to attain.

This comes from thinking like a wealthy person, (like superman) making decisions like a wealthy person and being fearless when it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone.

Focus your attention on the spot where you want to land, not on where you are now, or on any misconceptions or shortcomings you may think you have.  In other words, visualize your arrival and you’ll develop a magnetic harmony with the ways and means required to get there.

Look at the end result as something are already prepared to do, you just haven’t done it yet.

Look at it this way. Your success is something that you have been preventing; it’s not something you have to struggle to make happen.

The key is to not let fear, doubt, other people, or mind chatter push your success away.

You don’t need the perfect plan first.  What you need is a perfectly clear decision about your success, the right mindset, the right mentoring, and the ideal way to get you there will materialize. 

Jim Britt

Jim Britt is the creator of the groundbreaking best-selling program “The Power of Letting Go” designed to help people let go of the blocks that stop their success in all areas of life. For more info on The Power of Letting Go or Do This-Get Rich For Network Marketers http://JimBritt.com

Jim is an internationally recognized leader in the field of peak performance and personal empowerment training. He is author of 13 best-selling books including, Cracking The Rich Code, Cracking The Life Code, Rings of Truth, The Power Of Letting Go, Freedom, Unleashing Your Authentic Power, Do This. Get Rich-For Entrepreneurs, The Flaw in The Law of Attraction and The Law Of Realization, to name a few.

He has presented seminars throughout the world sharing his success principles and life enhancing realizations with thousands of audiences, totaling over 1,000,000 people from all walks of life.

Jim has served as a success counselor to over 300 corporations worldwide. He was recently named as one of the world’s top 20 success coaches. He also mentored/coached Anthony Robbins for his first five years in business.

Early in Jim’s speaking career he was co-founder and president of Dr. Denis Waitley’s Psychology of Winning, business partner with late great Jim Rohn and president of Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s, Psycho Cybernetics, International.

Jim is more than aware of the challenges we all face in making adaptive changes for a sustainable, happy and successful future.
Jim Britt

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