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Michael York(Here’s Your Presenting Secret Weapon) Building a team is the POWER and ACCELERATOR of most any Networking Opportunity. Creating leverage that allows ordinary individuals to get paid like a big corporation, over the efforts of many individuals doing a little, instead of just one person doing all the work (i.e. YOU). It’s the power of leverage that trumps the age-old trap of trading TIME FOR MONEY that most all of us fall into at one time or another and the one that most people will never escape from. This is a business about MAXIMUM EXPOSURES.

The more people you can show the opportunity to the more likely you are to find the right person who sees it like you do or even bigger than you do.

The beauty of networking is that you can partner up with individuals who are  NULL

  • Who make more money than you!
  • Know more people than you, etc.

You just have to sort through all the rest to find them. And this means you have to get good at SORTING and PRESENTING. While this is SIMPLE to do, for most it is not EASY to condition yourself to this kind of thinking.

Anyone can become a BETTER PRESENTER. A better speaker, better trainer, better whatever, just as long as it’s really important to YOU. And that means you actually have to DO IT.

I’ve seen countless individuals who had such a fear of speaking in front of others, whether a small intimate group all the way to hundreds even thousands of people. Here’s what I’ve found over the years in most any networking opportunity… As you become MORE SUCCESSFUL you will need to become a BETTER SPEAKER (and you will). Understand there are different levels of BETTER when it comes to speaking or presenting. BIG KEY #1: SPEAKERS PREPARE IN WRITING. I like using index cards to write down a few key points or how I want to get started, first thing I’ll say, etc. Know what you want to say IN THE BEGININNG, just to get you rolling. The hardest part is the START. It’s the first few words that get you heading in the right direction. The rest will come to you along the way. Having an outline of a few key points is critical, whether you’re telling your story as a testimonial to one person or on stage in front of thousands. BIG KEY #2: BE BRIEF. When individuals get comfortable speaking or presenting or training they have a tendency to expand WHAT they have to say to HOW LONG they have to say it. Don’t fall into this trap. Don’t let all your knowledge get in the way of what this is all about; THE NEW PERSON! Less really is MORE in this case. So when it comes right down to it, here are 3 THINGS that will help anyone become a better presenter of YOUR opportunity. 1. Show The Video (if you can) Many/Most (all should) companies have an opportunity video that does much of the heavy lifting for you, especially in the beginning. It is designed by marketing experts to appeal to the variety of reasons as well as the main reason most everyone does this business. Financial freedom, Time freedom, Lifestyle, Residual income, did I mention FREEDOM? Use the tools you have available. Maybe you can’t play a video, then use a sheet that has the opportunity outlined so they can follow along with you (briefly), then… 2. Tell Your Story This is typically called your “WHY” or “here’s why I’m doing this” or “here’s what’s happened for us” (use the last one if you’ve been doing the business for awhile, experienced something exciting, inspiring, encouraging… like help from other individuals or going to a major event). It’s your story but it’s not all ABOUT YOU. People will ask you how much money you’ve made even if you’ve only been in a few days.

It’s about WHY you’re doing it and what might happen if you don’t do something DIFFERENT. Talk about the help you’re getting or why you’re excited (cause most people aren’t and this makes them wonder with curiosity why YOU ARE SO EXCITED).

3. Promote WHAT’S NEXT! This might be the biggest and most over-looked piece of the presenting puzzle. It’s not up to YOU to sell someone into the opportunity. It’s up to you to get them to the NEXT STEP. To talk with someone on the phone, to meet them at a local training, to attend a major event, etc. Get good at promoting other (more successful than you) people and the next thing and you’ll gain confidence as a presenter because you see your results improve. The amazing part of this business is the TRANSFORMING POWER it has through doing things that once upon a time you might never have believed you could do. Like a stay-at-home mom who once said “I’ll do this just as long as I never have to speak in front of people.” Today she speaks in front of dozens, hundreds, and even thousands as a successful regional director after only a couple of years. Personal development is powerful and getting better as a presenter is available to anyone. The problem stems from some of those old clichés we’ve all heard like “anything worth doing is worth doing WELL.” Problem is, in the beginning YOU CAN’T DO IT WELL. Here is wisdom:

“Anything worth doing is worth doing POORLY, until you can do it well.” Just don’t take too long to get better.



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