What Are The Requirements and Tasks of The Network Coach? by Rick Hannon

In order to be a coach, it’s vital that you have succeeded or on the pathway to succeed in the field you’re coaching.

It’s important that you have blazed the trail for others to follow, meaning, you know the way to get there. When it comes to our field, you are either on track to, or would have already built a team of entrepreneurs’ successes alongside. In other words, you are more of tour guide going with your team, than a travel agent who just tells them what to do.

Coaching is a hands on activity; you are in the game setting and accomplishing goals.

What skills do you need to be an effective coach? First, a coach is a talent scout; he or she looks for people with skills that they want to develop further so they can all help the team. A coach is looking to build a team of individuals with a common purpose. The coach needs to know what skills are required, to know how to identify and qualify the right individuals to add value to the team. The coach’s purpose is to help the team achieve more, to reach a higher level of success by building strong bonds and relationships with each of the team members, teaching the team how to work together, unified with the same purpose. How well you coach is directly related to the results produced by the team.

Understanding that the individual team members each have different talents, when combined, accomplishments are greatly increased.

Together Everyone Achieves More

The coach assesses the skills of the entrepreneur and knows where improvement is needed. The coach directs and delegates responsibilities to each member. He or she works alongside to show the entrepreneurs, directing the team’s focus toward individual growth. The coach also helps to develop people skills and abilities preparing the entrepreneur for leadership.

The inspiring entrepreneur will listen to and learn from the coach as he or she is in the trenches digging with them getting their hands calloused as well.

This will greatly aid in helping the team develop their full potential, overcoming fears of failure and rejection that they may have. The coach helps to motivate the entrepreneurs to overcome failure and to keep striving ahead to the goals he or she helps to set, explaining that failure necessary for growth and developing character which are important to become a leader in our industry.

The coach helps the team to understand the importance of being unified, pulling together talents. When synergy is created everyone wins. Understanding we do have differences in abilities, while pointing out that we all do have more similarities; we have a kinship, a common bond, an interest in improving ourselves to help others succeed. We discover that no one succeeds alone and we must combine our forces to climb to greater heights.

So entrepreneur, what do you need to change, stop, and improve to help make your dream work? What’s holding you back?

 What Are The Requirements and Tasks of The Network Coach? by Rick Hannon


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