What can younger Network Marketers learn from Baby Boomers? By Paul Morris

­­­­­­­­­What can younger Network Marketers learn from Baby Boomers?

Since the title of this article was to be the exact opposite, I assumed that the general theme of all the other articles would be in tune with what Baby Boomers could learn from the younger network marketers. So rather than risk being redundant, I felt it would be important to point out that we can all learn from each other.  

The expression “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” may be true for dogs, but Networkers aren’t dogs they are people. (Now, I do not own a dog and have never tried to teach an old dog a new trick, (I really do not know if that statement is true or not. LOL)

So, the baby Boomers… Who are they? 

They are a group of those who were born during the time span of 1946 to 1964.  They are the group that, in part, drove the Network Marketing Industry to where it is today. Anyone who has read the book “The Pig in the Python” understands how that large group of consumers drove many industries.  First, it was the baby food industry, baby clothing line, baby carriages, car seats, and the toy industry.

The next effect of this growing group was the school systems, then the housing industry. As the baby boomers began to age they drove the gymnasium industry and running shoes and sports paraphernalia flourished.

As Baby Boomers got older engulfed in a world of fast-food restaurants, processed food, GMO Frankenfoods laden with herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, their health has begun to decline.  This has begun to drive another industry… big pharma – the drug industry.

Many of the baby boomers passed on getting involved in the Network Marketing industry because they were in good health and did not believe they needed all these so-called nutritional products or antiaging products, they simply believed they did not need these pills, potions, and lotions.  But today they have a whole new perspective.  They are aware they are not as healthy as they could and should be, they are looking in the mirror and see the wrinkles and age spots and realize they are not only getting older, but they are also looking older.

A large section of this generation are now not only concerned about these things, but they are also ready to take action on these matters. Another segment of this group has realized they may be living longer than they had expected and have discovered that they will run out of money before they run out of life and are concerned about their finances.

So, once again the industry is about to be driven by the Baby Boomers that are waking up and realizing they need to become accountable and do something about their health, wealth or both.

So, while everyone is running around looking for all the technological ways to reach the Millennial Generation, (and indeed you should be doing that because they are your long-range financial security due to their younger age), do not pass on the great opportunities that lie in recruiting the Baby Boomers.  

The Millennials are now a larger segment in population numbers, but the Baby Boomers are still a long way from making their impact on the Industry. It is like the Python swallowed a second pig, so now there are TWO PIGS making their way through the Python.

One of the great things about the baby boomers is they are retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day… Now that is a lot of prospects every day!  Many of them have a spendable income right now, (and can afford to purchase your products), but are concerned that if they live a long life their savings may run out before they do and they are or soon will be looking for a way to earn extra money.  They are already becoming more concerned about their health and are anxious to start on a journey towards optimal health. Much of what is driving this is the rising health insurance rates and particularly the high deductibles.

People are more concerned than ever before in getting healthy STAYING HEALTHY, and becoming responsible and accountable for their own health so they do not have to spend money on those huge deductibles.

Due to this perfect storm of circumstances, the Baby Boomers are still a force to be reckoned with.

So, while many of the other articles in this month’s issue may be focusing on what the Baby Boomers may learn from the younger networkers, I suggest to you, that there are still many things that the younger networkers can LEARN FROM THE BABY BOOMERS!  It is my personal observation, that the baby boomers have a stronger product loyalty both as retail customers and as wholesale distributor purchasers, and a commitment to purchase the company’s product even if they are not earning a substantial bonus check, than the younger generation of Network Marketers, who in many cases, maybe here today and gone next month to join the hot new deal where they can get in on the ground floor.

So, embrace all the new digital technology and go after the Millennials, but keep your eyes and ears open for the second wave of Baby Boomers and capture that second wave that is happening right now.

Just attend any nutrition company business opportunity meeting and look around and see for yourself the number of Baby Boomers and retired Baby Boomers. And yes they are learning how to build online as well!

If you are a young networker, pay attention to some of the successful baby boomers in this industry and model what they did. Note the emphasis on developing relationships. It is easy to recruit a bunch of distributors on social media, but the ones that will become business builders and still be with you a year from now will be the ones with whom you develop a relationship. People purchase from those they know, like and trust. So, do what the baby boomers do, pick up the phone and get to know them. It will pay big dividends.

So, stake your claim and get ready for the next gold rush of prospects… the Baby Boomers that are waking up and realizing there is a great future in Network Marketing if they choose a solid company that has a proven track record and is selling products that everyone uses every day!

Paul Morris
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