What if we Lead with the STEAK Instead of the SIZZLE? By Dr. Ron Mueller

What if we Lead with the STEAK Instead of the SIZZLE?

by Nationally-Known Tax-Deduction Expert Dr. Ron Mueller

When thinking about this month’s TNMM theme, Smart Marketing, I began thinking about the conventional approach to recruiting and selling that we’re all using.  Then I wondered, “What if we have it all wrong?”

Do you ever get tired of trying to convince prospects that your pill or potion is the best on the planet?  And then do you follow that with, “If you’re serious about making money, you need to jump on-board right now”?

Doesn’t that sometimes get old?  More importantly, how’s that working for you?

What if you tried a totally different approach?  A “contrarian” approach.

What, if, without prodding and manipulating, you could get a “prospect” to ask you how they can get into a home-based business – even before you’ve ever mentioned your company’s name or the produces/services you offer. Sounds like a fairy tale, huh?

Ready to get outside the proverbial box? (Personally, when someone asks me that, I say, “What box?”)  Let’s PRETEND you know nothing about network marketing or “recruiting downline.” Just pretend for a few minutes, okay?

Have you ever fantasized about being a “contrarian” – someone who doesn’t “go with the flow.” Someone who approaches the same task everyone else is tackling, but YOU approach it in a totally fresh, new way?

Then, what if “your way” actually works, and works BIG TIME?  What if your peers and colleagues notice, and start asking you how you did it? Are YOU willing to BE the “change agent?”

Here is a simple idea that could totally change the MLM playing field. It’s better than “creating a level playing field;” it’s one that un-levels the playing field so that it’s tilted in your direction

The new approach I am about to share with you has been field-tested by several hundred network marketers, from newbies to Inner Circle success members who are with various companies that offer a wide range of products and services.

Here’s how – and why – this fresh, new, contrarian, non-traditional approach to recruiting works.

Everyone wants solutions to their problems, right?  The bigger the problem, the more they want a solution. And the more they want a solution, the more they will do or pay to get it.

As you have no doubt experienced first-hand, most people will spend more time, more energy, more money and more focus to overcome a negative health condition, than they will spend to stay healthy.  They will pay more for something to RELIEVE pain, than they’ll pay to PREVENT pain from happening in the first place.

Psychologists will tell us, most people will commit more of their resources to relieve pain, than to seek pleasure. Using the carrot and the stick analogy, the stick outperforms the carrot almost every time.

Yet, mainstream MLM training teaches us to focus on the “plusses.” How it will feel to drive our dream car or live in our dream home. How much better we will feel emotionally.  How making “big money” can change our lives. Travel. Free time. Social status.  Vacations abroad.  Cruises. Carefree living.  Living our dreams.

Those thoughts create warm fuzzy feelings, and it is logical that people will be enticed by those concepts, right?  WRONG!  Logic has limited value in selling or recruiting. Emotion trumps logic, hands-down.

Then why are we trained in MLM/DS to “sell the dream,” when the average hard-working adult cannot relate to ANY of these things or even consider the possibility that any of them can become reality for them?

Wishful thinking may be fun, but it doesn’t pay the bills. Most of your prospects are far more focused on paying their bills, than “living a dream” they cannot relate to. At the time you are “selling them,” vacations, cruises and carefree living are, at best, vague concepts, not realistic goals.

As the saying goes, “When you are up to your arse in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp.”

For many (most?) people, their “alligators” are, “How do I pay this week’s bills,” making it darned difficult to remember objectives like vacations, free-time and cruises, which are, at best, vague and unrealistic concepts.

If you are with me so far, let’s shake up network marketing snow globe. We’ve been swimming up-stream, climbing up the down– escalator.  Let’s try something different.


and How to Test it for Success

Behavioral Research SHOWS CLEARLY that most people will:

     …spend serious Time, Money and Effort to Overcome a Problem

     …and the BIGGER the Problem, the MORE they will Put Into RESOLVING It

     …it’s Easier to “sell” a Solution-to-a-Problem, than anything else

     …YOU can get PAID to Solve Other People’s Problems

     …if You want to make MORE money, Solve BIGGER Problems

So, in our MLM recruiting:

     …let’s stop dangling the carrot, and instead help our prospects deal with their sticks

     …the carrot will become far more enticing when the stick gets weakened

The “stick” can be any problem or threat a prospect is struggling with right now.

The “carrot” is life they can live without the threat of the stick.

Enough with analogies.  Now let’s GET REAL…

Here’s the NEW, step-by-step CONTRARIAN approach to faster, easier Recruiting.

  1. Something nearly everyone would agree is a “problemto them, is paying too much taxes.  Can I get an amen?

  2. Begin a casual conversation with a prospect, and move your discussion to the subject of Income Taxes. It’s a real hot button for almost everyone.

  3. At some point (usually pretty quickly) they will express an opinion that…

▪ taxes are Unfair, Burdensome and/or Oppressive, or

▪ my Take-Home-Pay, after taxes, doesn’t leave me enough to live on, or

▪ there’s so much waste in government spending, and MY taxes are paying for it.

  1. You respond with something like this,

   “I couldn’t agree with you more.  It is a mess!  That’s why I’m soooo glad I learned about the special tax deductions I am now getting, just for deciding to run a small, part-time business from my home. The truth is, without those deductions, I’d be paying at least three or four or five thousand dollars MORE in taxes, year after year.

        “Honestly, people who are not running a home-based business on the side, and therefore can’t quality for home-business deductions… how can they survive the tax burden?  I know I couldn’t.”        

Now, let me ask you, where do you think THEY are going to steer the discussion?

They will be wanting to get the same “big, new tax deductions” that you are getting.


Okay, where are you so far  in the “recruiting” process?  You haven’t even mentioned your company’ name. You haven’t mentioned your company’s products or services.

But you HAVE begun to give them a potential answer to a problem they have already admitted they have.


Your next step is to simply share (from your own personal experience) answers to questions you can COUNT on them ASKING, such as:

          ▪ Are there really special tax deductions just for home-based business owners?

          ▪ What kind of tax deductions?

          ▪ You’re really paying thousands less in taxes by running a small part time
business “on the side?”

          ▪ How much taxes do you think somebody like me could save if I had some kind
of business I ran from my own home?


YOU personally do not have to answer any tax questions.

You DON’T WANT to answer tax questions. Why? That’s not duplicatable.

You do NOT want your prospect to think they have to be a “tax guru” to do so this.


I have developed a brochure for you titled,

“Uncle Sam Will PAY YOU to Run a Home-Based Business”

When you get a tax question from a prospect, hand this brochure to them while saying,

“Here, read this. This is how I first learned about home-business tax savings. It didn’t answer every tax question I had, but it answered enough for me to decide to start a business. Then I learned the rest.

Note to TNMM Readers:

Learn more at www.mlmTaxSpecial.com

Remember, you STILL have not mentioned ANYTHING about your own MLM.

Eventually, there is one question you can be sure they will ask:

          “Since all these tax savings require me to have a home-based business,

          where can I find one I can start?

Read that again.  They are ASKING you to RECRUIT them!  It’s true!  It will happen!

Your reply can be something like this:

          ▪ What I am personally doing, and doing very well at, is (fill in the blanks).

          ▪ What I do is (fill in the blanks).

          ▪ In fact, if you would be interested in doing the same kind of thing, I’d be

            happy to help you get started and then I’ll share with you the kinds of things

            that I have found to help me with my own success.

FINALLY, you tell them about your business. Why? Because THEY ASKED YOU TO.


Rejection-Proof because you don’t “pitch” them unless they ask to be “pitched.”

You may occasionally be talking with someone for whom taxes is not a hot button. (It could happen.)  What do you do?

          Choice A:  Just let the conversation be a conversation – not a sales pitch.

          Choice B:  Roll into your normal presentation – the way you’ve done it in the past

Intrigued?  Want to give it a try? Oh, also: (a) the small cost is tax-deductible, and (b) if it doesn’t work, you’ll get 100% of your money back. It costs nothing to check it. Visit  www.mlmTaxSpecial.com


The author, Dr. Ronald R. Mueller, is the dean of the Home Business Tax-Savings Learning Center, located at www.HomeBusinessTaxSavings.com, and the author of “WINDFALL Tax-Savings APPROVED for Small-Business Owners” and the “2018 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.”  Both books are available from https://HomeBusinessTaxSavings.com  During the past 20 years Dr. Mueller has taught  tens of thousands of network marketers about home-business tax deductions and how to qualify for them. Subscribe to his FREE email alerts at www.TaxTipsYouCanBankOn.com

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