What is a “PROSPECT”? by Max Steingart

I don’t know if you and I are using the same definition. Maybe we are. Let’s see.

What is a “PROSPECT”?

There are many companies throughout the years that taught their distributors that “Anyone who could fog a mirror” was a prospect. That’s someone you should tell about your business.

I don’t believe in that idea. In fact, I never have.

A Two-Part Definition

The first part of my definition of a prospect is someone who has a genuine need for what you offer, either for the product or the opportunity.

Secondly, (and this is important) a prospect is someone who is also receptive to learning more about what you’ve got.

In other words, these individuals are open-minded enough that they will allow you to make a presentation.

So, get this. Even if someone needs what you’ve got, but isn’t willing to hear you out and present your case, then that person is NOT a “prospect”.

At least they are not YOUR prospect.

Let’s Be Clear

Sometimes another rep with the same products and opportunity can have better luck with that same individual. That could be due to the way they made their initial contact. They opened with a better, more strategic approach.

The successful rep will have taken the time to ask more questions. They will also have asked better questions.

Successful distributors induce a “prospect” to reveal enough relevant personal information before an offer is ever made.  That way, the rep can deliver his/her presentation in such a way that it satisfies both the needs and the desires of that new contact.

Remember, just because someone NEEDS what you’ve got, doesn’t necessarily mean they are receptive to getting the information from YOU.

Let me repeat. They might become someone else’s prospect, just not yours.

Here’s The Solution

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