WHAT IS GENUINE COACHING by Max Steingart “The Father of Social Networking”

And How Does It Differ From What Most People Get?

It’s ironic. For a profession that is so heavily based on duplication and personal growth like network marketing, I believe there is VERY LITTLE “real” training.

Oh sure, you watch a webinar, or attend a company event and they parade out some of their top producers to do what is supposed to pass for “training”.

But my observation is that most of the time what you get is little more than motivational storytelling… and some of it isn’t even all that motivational.  LOL.

Sure, it can be entertaining.  And it can even make you feel inspired, at least for a little while.

But what SUBSTANCE can you take away from it?  What TECHNIQUES, NEW SKILLS, or BETTER WORDING did you learn? 

All too frequently, it’s not much.


Now, anybody can have an opinion, but mine might carry more weight than others.  You see, dating way back to the mid-1990s I’ve been coaching people on how to build their teams, and sell more products and services, by using social networks.

Back then, we were using the old AOL Chatrooms. Since then, I’ve pioneered proven, updated techniques using the new social networks of each generation. Today, the king of the hill when it comes to meeting an unlimited amount of the highest quality prospects and being able to convert them into happy customers and reps is LINKEDIN.

LinkedIn is a business network for people who are looking for business solutions.


All sorts of people can give you a great many reasons why their ideas should work. But, there’s a huge difference between reasons versus results.

As of this moment in 2023, the list of my present and former coaching clients reads like “The Who’s Who” in the Network Marketing Hall of Fame.

Literally THOUSANDS of the top income earners, in hundreds of companies, over the past several decades, learned how to recruit, sell, and build their teams by using social networks directly from me. That’s not bragging. It’s a fact.

That kind of track record can’t be accomplished without providing genuine skill-building training.  A person needs to learn techniques and methods that duplicate throughout the organization. 


Genuine training needs to provide proven, simple, repeatable steps that can be learned by the majority of people.

Have you ever stopped to realize that the reason people have become TOP EARNERS in their companies is that they’ve had EXCELLENT COACHING?

It’s true.

Think about it.

Every single person who is now at the TOP of their business was once a Newbie who knew very little about network marketing. Along the way, they acquired the knowledge and skills to take them to the top. For many, they struggled for YEARS to make it big. They learned through grueling trial and error. It was a tough, slow, slog. Eventually, they found someone to help them, and that changed everything.

For others, they worked with a COACH, a MENTOR, or a TRUSTED GUIDE early in their careers. They found someone who took a personal interest in them and worked with them closely. It sped up and shortened their learning curve.

They got real results, real fast.

That is EXACTLY what I do for my Coaching Students… and what I can do it for YOU too if you’re serious and committed to becoming successful with your business.


Summer is tough for most networkers. Recruiting and building are HARDER in AUGUST than at any other time of the year. Many people are on vacation, both physically and mentally.

But this doesn’t have to be a slow time for YOU. Once you start using my proven techniques to build your team using LinkedIn and Facebook, you’ll be well-positioned for the increase in business that starts in mid-September and continues through to the end of the year.


If you could overcome your biggest obstacle to being successful in your business, what would that be?

PERSONAL COACHING could be your solution.

You won’t know for sure until we talk. It doesn’t cost anything to have my “Coaching Concierge”, set up a private call with you. You can tell us what you are experiencing, and what problems you’re dealing with, and discover how I might be able to help you achieve the breakthrough you’re looking for.

My track record speaks for itself. My website is packed with testimonials of people just like you, who have already experienced the financial breakthroughs you are seeking.

NOTE: I can’t guarantee that you’ll be accepted into my coaching program. My schedule is always full and I only take on a limited number of people who are seriously committed to becoming truly successful.

Send an email to [email protected] with “COACHING” in the subject line. Provide us with your phone number and links to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, and we’ll get in touch to discuss whether or not we can help you.

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