What Is Leadership? by Max Steingart

While a great many (sometimes contradictory) things have been written about this expansive topic, it is important to note that leadership is not some mysterious power that is possessed by only a small, select group of people.

That’s because leadership is not something you’re either born with, or you aren’t. 

In reality, becoming a leader is something that ANYBODY can achieve.  It is a set of powerful communication skills and actions that can be learned, and then developed over time. 

One point remains true, no matter what criteria you use to define it. That genuine leadership – leadership that gets measurable, tangible, positive results – is servant leadership.

A servant leader is someone who wants to impact and influence others in service of the greater good. 

That means not merely doing things that only benefit themselves, but will improve the overall situation for the members of their group, family, or team, and possibly even the community at large.

Focusing on serving the greater good is something that becomes their main purpose. It’s what will help them endure and succeed. It’s what can see them through when they are faced with life’s many challenges.

The best leaders in Network Marketing, the ones who have become the most respected and revered, each focus on delivering a message that empowers as many people as possible. Their message wasn’t limited to only those who had attained a certain rank or level of experience.

But it goes beyond a message merely expressed in words. These leaders have done their best to conduct themselves in such a way as to become good role models. 

In other words, they practice what they preach.

Develop others

If you truly want to be regarded as a great leader in Network Marketing, it is important that you find ways to develop others. You must help the members of your team to learn the skills and acquire the personality traits that will propel them into leadership roles.  It is by developing leaders that you will achieve your ultimate goals.

Leaders make every effort to DO the right things. You’ve heard it said many times… your actions speak more loudly than your words.

Leadership in Network Marketing means that instead of merely telling others to make more contacts, do more presentations, and enroll more people, you demonstrate it yourself.

YOU make more contacts. YOU make more presentations. YOU enroll more people.

When you are a strong personal producer, your words have merit. Your lessons have more weight. You are able to show others by virtue of your actions rather than being an armchair general who simply barks orders or tells “inspirational” stories.

Becoming a better leader through your example

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