What is “Success by Design?” by Russ DeVan

Success by Design is an “Un –Training tm !”

  • NOT “motivation” with the intended result of getting people “excited.”
  • NOT specifically about psychology or personal development.
  • NOT a “new and improved” way of getting better at selling and/or recruiting.
  • NOT the “right” or “only” way to do network marketing for results.

Success by Design and its system for “Un- trainingtm” originated as concepts and theories from researching what is “missing” for productivity (consistently) in the network marketing experience.  It applies ontological, personal development principles and methodologies to the building of a network.

Success by Design addresses the three primary dilemmas, which first confront any mlm business associate:

  1. Where do I go?
  2. What do I do?
  3. 3)  How do I do it?

SBD’s “Un-Trainingtm” is:

  • Designed to liberate distributors from the paradigm of the most common ways people approach and teach the building of a network.
  • Learning how to create an unlimited resource for prospects without talking to “friends, neighbors, and relatives, buying leads, learning “lines” to give strangers, or even “warm and cold market” thinking, at all.
  • A possibility for:
    • How sales results may be created without selling;
    • How people may be enrolled powerfully in and attracted to your opportunity without recruiting;
  • About developing a business “identity”
  • Learning what and what not to be responsible for as a sponsor.  (Hint: not others’ motivation or success)
  • Learning how to empower and attract others through listening
  • Creating a business project (structure) for what you are building so that your own expectations can be met and so you can “coach” others to achieve theirs

 (Duplication of effort)

Question(s) to ask in evaluating whether SBD’s “un- trainingtm” may be valuable to you may be:

  • What is working in the way I’m building or teaching the business now?
  • What’s NOT working?
  • What’s missing that, if I could put it in place, could dramatically affect my productivity and the productivity of my organization?
  • What is the difference this could be for me and for my network?
  • What’s that worth?
  • What is it costing me NOT to know?

Success is NOT an accident. It doesn’t come from hoping, wishing, luck,  chance, or lottery.

It happens by DESIGN; with structure and responsibility.  When you can create your own success by design, then you can also teach, mentor, and coach others to have their success… by design!  These principles have been shown to produce powerful, effective, business organizations that generate and perpetuate residual income.

Russ DeVan
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