What is The Mission That Drives Your Business? by George Madiou

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George-MadiouThe two most powerful things that drive my business.

I’m not a politically correct kind of guy. Anyone who has followed my journey over the last 10 years in TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com knows that there are two things that drive my business.

1. God

2. Attitude

My relationship with God started way before this 10 year journey with TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com, however my obedience to God has guided my journey in an arena I had no experience in.

From the beginning of the magazine, I was driven with a mission to help the “orphans” of the industry, the one’s that didn’t have the success mentors to guide them along in their business. Gathering over 200 contributors to teach every aspect of building a successful business, created that mentorship I couldn’t have imagined.

I quickly started to receive emails and calls from members indicating how this article or that article was an answer to prayer. The common thread was I could never guess what article would get that kind of response. I realized that it wasn’t my job to know which articles would elicit that kind of response. It was my job to develop the relationships with the hundreds of people (both famous and unknown) that would become contributors to what I realized was not my magazine but God’s magazine.

This is the mission that drives my business, to be at the helm of God’s magazine and be obedient to him as he prompts members, authors, company owners, distributors, leaders and new people to our industry with a desire and hope for the success He wants for us all.

I have found one of the by-products of this mission has been a GREAT attitude that has been developed. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hear the question, “how are you?” I’m certain that most of the time the question is asked out of habit and not of real curiosity. What has helped develop a great attitude is my answer every time…..


It stops the questioner right in their tracks. I then get responses like “is that unbelievable good or unbelievable bad?” I always compliment them on their great question with an “unbelievable GREAT! How are you doing?” It then opens up in many directions like. “pretty good or not bad or could be better or at least I’m alive.” At that point I ask them “how can I help you to be UNBELIEVABLE?” This little response sometimes gets some great conversations but always makes me feel UNBELIEVABLE!

I love having God at the center of my mission in both my business and my personal life and I really love that a byproduct of my mission of being guided-by-God is developing a great attitude that I can share with others.


George Madiou
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