What Is Your Vision for Your Financial Future? by Jane Mannette

What Is Your Vision For Your Financial Future?

I don’t know about you but every time I got close to the good life the price doubled. One reason may very well be that my definition of the “good life” was evolving right along with my life experiences, skills, competencies and expertise.

My idea of a good life has morphed many times, I must admit, as I am sure has your own.

In some basic ways we were misled, miseducated by well-meaning people in our lives.  Parents, family, neighbors, teachers, faith based leaders and mass media, we cannot leave out.  We were encouraged to define our success and well being by mere social external norms, education, income, job titles, social status, possessions…

Nothing is wrong with those things; I like things, especially beautiful exotic things.  It is just that their presence or absence says nothing about our true worth as a human being. You see we have innate well being, worth and value. More about that later…. The point is that we have all been effected by some version of this misunderstanding (programming) and the prices we have paid and continue to pay are HUGH and often times painful. We each have different ways of coping with consequences of our life-choices and self-doubt, (e.g. over/under working, over/under exercising, over/under sexing, over/under eating, over drinking, over talking, over spending while under achieving and/or neglecting/postponing doing what truly makes our “hearts sing”.  What really makes your heart sing by the way?

What impact do you want to have in the world?

So now let’s take a closer look at the subject of “Financial Freedom”.   Its definitions seem to vary as much as the noses on our faces.  I asked an elder, who is very dear to me, their definition for Financial Freedom, she said having $1000 in cash (beyond expenses and obligations) at all times to do whatever I wanted to do.  I asked another friend their definition and he told me if he ever got below Five Million Dollars he panicked.

How are you defining Financial Freedom these days? What would your lifestyle look like if you were Financially Free today? What kind of passive income do you need to consider yourself Financially Free?  Do you personally know anyone who has accomplished what you hope to accomplish? If you are not experiencing Financial Freedom, what is preventing or interfering with your realizing this worthy goal? How and why is that a meaningful goal for you at this time of your life? Maybe for you its retirement, early retirement, you want to stop working for money, you want the rest of the time you have on this planet to be your own or maybe you have children to educate or parents to look after or do you want to pursue a talent or creative expression, start a business? Do you believe that you have what it takes, the information, skills, habits and motivation to become Financially Free or to maintain and grow it, if you already are?

All of the education I have received in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Personal Development was in the Network Marketing industry with few exceptions.  That is where I learned what it takes to gain Financial Freedom. Have you selected the right partners, team, vehicle and platform?

Are you doing what you love; can’t wait to get out of the bed every morning to work on your dream?

If not, it might be worth exploring what is keeping you from realizing your definition of Financial Freedom. You have read all the books, right?  Taken the seminars?  Listen to the right mp3 and attended all the conferences and trainings right?  Could it be that more is required than knowing what to do and working hard? Maybe there is another element at play here. Could it be that there are some limiting sabotaging self-beliefs; could it be that fear of success, fear of failure or fear of rejection is still lurking in your life?  As you read these words, what comes to mind?

My definition of Financial Freedom is living a comfortable lifestyle without working.  Financial Independence is being able to live one’s ideal lifestyle without having to work: thus living on passive and/or residual income.  I adapted these definitions from a Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery course I took years ago. Today does your current passive income allow you to experience Financially Freedom or Financial Independence? As you are reading these words can you honestly say that the current plan you are working will allow you to reach these goals anytime soon?

I do not know about you but I have no more time to experiment or to waste!


  • Each of us must define Financial Freedom and Financial Independence for ourselves with total clarity as to why it is important now and what our lives will look like when we are.

  • We must decide what we are willing to do to obtain this freedom and then do it. Remembering doing what you love is probably the fastest and certainly the most enjoyable way to accomplish it.

  • We must act as if, take on the behavior and attitude of how you would show up in the world if we’ve already realized that dream.

  • We must embrace life in the present moment; understanding that all of our desires can only be experienced in the present; not I will be happy when I am this or that. We can only be happy/well/prosperous in the now.

  • Stay plugged into ongoing educational programs to improve/update your skills as an Entrepreneur and Influencer (e.g. learn to love selling/ presenting/ closing/ speaking/training/marketing etc.)     CLUE: Given that 95% of the people in the world love to buy and only 5% love to sell, well you do the math.

  • Design or have designed and maintain a powerful daily Personal Development Program.  Get an assessment of your personality and organic strengths/talents/abilities and lead with those while partnering with others who are strong in areas you are not. You do not have to be good at everything to realize your dream. You just have to go full out!

  • Visualize your goals in their accomplished state on a daily basis; the most powerful time is at night just before you go to sleep.

  • Hire a Transformational Coach to help you identify and release what limiting believes are obstacles/roadblocks to your fully realizing your goal and experiencing Financial Freedom.  If you have had this goal for more than 5 years and have not yet obtained it, you need a Coach.  Bill Gates says everyone needs a coach!

  • If you are passionately working on your plans for Financial Freedom and would like to shave some time off their attainment, hire a Transformational Coach to enhance your peak performance.

 In conclusion, we all need to gain an embodied experiential understanding and awareness, not just intellectual, of the fact that we are perfect right now.

You do not need to be fixed. You are not broken.  You are inherently value endowed by your creator.

You have innate well being.  You don’t have to do anything to increase your value.  You cannot.  You have everything you need to lead a wonderfully fulfilling authentic life as defined by you.  Your innate default settings are wisdom, insight, love, joy, compassion, creativity.  You were born a winner.  At the time of your conception, out of the 200-300 million sperm that raced to get to the ovum, with no arms or legs mind you, you are the one that made it first. You represent the best of the best of your ancestral; the ones that survived and thrived. You beat the odds of 200 million to 1 and you can do it again and again once you have a clear insight and understanding of how you, your thoughts and feelings really work.

Whatisyourvisionforfinancialfuture-Jane Manette


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    It’s Canada Day today and also my birthday and I had the pleasure to go work in my yard, pruning the roses listening to the Beatles channel while working until it got hot. Came into my living room, went to the thenetworkmarketingmagazine.com and read Jane Mannette’s article to start a beautiful new day. Thank’s Jane well written and lots of good information for those of us in this wonderful industry.
    Thanks George for such a wonderful platform to be educated and share.
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